The Etsy Shop is now open!

It’s finally here!  The you & mie Etsy shop grand opening!  Well, it’s not that grand, but at least it’s an opening!  I had originally imagined I would create a stock of products and a whole line of children’s clothing, but I was being far too ambitious.  When the reality of just how much time I needed versus how much time I actually had sunk in, I decided to just post a few items at a time.

So I’m proud to finally share my first two products, the Custom Fabric Photo Book and the Fabric Color Book.  I’ve spent a lot of time developing these two books and I think they’ve come out really great.  They are definitely wonderful gifts for babies and young kids that will become treasured keepsakes.  I hope you take a look and like what you see!  If you know of anyone who might be interested, please pass on the links.  And remember, I will be adding a lot of other GREAT stuff soon, so check back often!



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