you & mie Labels

Look what arrived today!

I ordered these woven clothing labels to put on the clothes, fabric books and other things I make.  It was a bit of a splurge, but I thought it would add a professional touch to my products.  So anything I make from now on will be adorned with one of these pretty babies!

I ordered these from Linx Corporation.  Overall, I’m glad I ordered them.  I don’t know how their price compares to other companies, but it seems like a reasonable price.  They have great customer service/communication.  I must have gone back and forth with them at least 20 times about the design and they always came back with a new mock up.  Part of the reason we had to communicate so much was because I am a perfectionist and I need things to be EXACTLY the way I want it, but part of it was because I was having trouble with the artists on their side.  They kept changing things I wanted to stay the same and the changes they made, or mistakes, were not things I could look over.  That was the downside.  The entire process took waaaaaaay longer than I had hoped because we had to go back and forth so many times.  But at the end, I’m glad that they were willing to hear my feedback and make the changes I requested and I am satisfied with the final product.

I literally JUST got them so I haven’t had a chance to sew them onto anything yet, but if you buy something from my etsy shop, you can check one of these out up close!


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