Simple Sewing and a book giveaway! {CLOSED}

memory game1

memory game6

Hey, look at that!  I’m back with another blog post this week and this time I’m sharing a brand new book, Simple Sewing: 30 Fast and Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners.  This fun book is by Katie Lewis of The Red Kitchen and is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn to sew!

SimpleSewingBook1Just like the title suggests, the book is full of projects that are simple and quick to make, even for a beginner.  But before you get to the projects, the book walks you through some important basics, like supplies you need and sewing tips and techniques.


SimpleSewingBook3I love the variety of projects in the book – you can basically make something for everyone!  Katie does an amazing job of walking you through each project and there is actually a photo for every single step!  I can’t tell you how helpful this is, especially if you’re a visual learner like me.


The hardest part, honestly, was deciding which project to make.  But I finally decided on the memory game since that’s one I’ve enjoyed playing with my three year old lately.

memory game5

memory game2

These were so fast to sew up!  Instead of using different fabrics, I used this cute animal print fabric that my friend, Sanae, recently sent me.  I knew that Yuki would get a kick out of matching animals.

memory game3

Truth is, Yuki doesn’t totally get the concept of Memory just yet, so we usually place all the “cards” face up and play more of a matching game than a memory game.  When she gets a little older, we’ll flip them over.

So once you’ve gotten a handle on the projects in the book, or for those who aren’t necessarily beginners, there is so much room for embellishing and personalizing, like the applique Jessica added to her lunch sack or the necklaces April made from her bows.

Or you can take the techniques you learned in these projects and apply them to something new, like enlarging the memory game pieces to make coasters!  So many possibilities!

memory game bag

I love that so many of the projects in the book require so little fabric and materials that you might already have at home.  It’s great for using up little scraps of fabric that you’ve been holding onto.  After cutting out my squares for the memory game I had a little bit of fabric left over so I decided to whip up a drawstring bag to hold the game pieces.  This is NOT a project from the book, but there are about a million tutorials online if you’re interested.  It’s actually a great project after you graduate from Simple Sewing (affiliate link).

memory game4

And just like that, I have one of Yuki’s Christmas presents all ready to go!

This book would make a great gift for anyone who wants to learn how to sew (including kids)!  You can buy copies at any of these online stores:

Amazon (affiliate link)

Books & Things

OR, you can try and win one!  Giveaway is open to US residents only.  Click link below.


Good luck and be sure to head over to Sugar Bee Crafts to see what Mandy has sewn up from the book!

*This book was generously given to me for this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.*

The Etsy Shop is now open!

It’s finally here!  The you & mie Etsy shop grand opening!  Well, it’s not that grand, but at least it’s an opening!  I had originally imagined I would create a stock of products and a whole line of children’s clothing, but I was being far too ambitious.  When the reality of just how much time I needed versus how much time I actually had sunk in, I decided to just post a few items at a time.

So I’m proud to finally share my first two products, the Custom Fabric Photo Book and the Fabric Color Book.  I’ve spent a lot of time developing these two books and I think they’ve come out really great.  They are definitely wonderful gifts for babies and young kids that will become treasured keepsakes.  I hope you take a look and like what you see!  If you know of anyone who might be interested, please pass on the links.  And remember, I will be adding a lot of other GREAT stuff soon, so check back often!


Sew & Tell: Hideko’s Wallet

Last week was Hideko’s birthday and I had no idea what to get her.  We also are trying to save money so I think we said “no gifts” but I figured if I made her something small and it was inexpensive it wouldn’t really count.

A year or two ago we were at a craft fair and we saw these cool wallets made from old ties and suits.  She really liked them, but didn’t want to buy one for herself.  I totally should have bought one for her then and there, but I didn’t and it’s been floating in my head since then.

Then recently when we were shopping for fabric for Tucker’s suit, we came across some great suit-like fabrics that Hideko really liked.  The idea to make a wallet didn’t really come to me then, but all the pieces were starting to come together.

Finally, the day before Hideko’s birthday, I realized that I had no gift (unfortunately, this happens quite often).  That’s when the fabric wallet idea came to me!  I picked up some fabric at Fabrix that I knew Hideko liked because she had pointed it out during our last visit and whipped up this wallet.  It was surprisingly easy!  I didn’t use a pattern, I just modeled it after other fabric wallets out there and used cash and credit cards to get the right size.  And it requires such a small amount of fabric that you could easily make this with scraps in your stash OR repurposing old fabric you have laying around, pants, ties, shirts, whatever.  All you need is coordinating fabric for the outside and inside and some interfacing to give add some thickness and stiffness so it holds its shape.  Maybe one day I’ll do a tutorial on this one.

Now with all the leftover fabric I’m dying to make Yuki a casual reversible vest.  Another project to add to the list!

Anyways, Happy Birthday to my beautiful and loving partner, Hideko!  I hope you like your wallet!