Oliver + S Spring Pattern Preview: Pinwheel Dress + Tunic

Pinwheel1Last week I got to share my version of the new Oliver + S Roller Skate Dress + Tunic.  This week, Kristin, Jessica and I are sharing the Pinwheel Dress + Tunic (both patterns are available for sale on the Oliver + S site now)!

This is the 2nd of two new patterns being released by Oliver + S this spring.  This pattern comes with two pieces, a tunic and a slip dress, meant to be layered or worn separately.   Jessica blogged her awesome combo of the two pieces yesterday.  And Kristin made a cute summery sleeveless tunic for her little one.  I went with the simple slip dress with no modifications.

Pinwheel2The slip dress is a pretty fast and easy sew.  The way it is constructed with straps sewn in between the dress and the facing is pretty brilliant – I love learning new things like that!  The hardest part for me was attaching the flounce to the dress, but just follow the directions, take your time, and snip the curve a TON (this will all make sense when you’re sewing it 🙂 ).

Pinwheel3To take my Pinwheel in a different direction from the other girls’ versions, I made a sweet and simple linen version in ivory.

Pinwheel4For the bias tape, I used this gorgeous Nani Iro double gauze Little Letter bias that I bought from my favorite Nani Iro supplier, Miss Matatabi.  I had been saving it for the perfect project and I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity to compliment the clean linen with this sweet floral trim.

Pinwheel7I made the dress in size 2T and it’s a tad bit roomy on her.  It would probably look better if I had gone a size down, but I’m positive this will fit her for a looong time!

When I first saw the pattern, I could definitely see the appeal, but it wasn’t necessarily my style.  I’m so glad that I had this opportunity to sew it up though because I ended up really enjoying both picking out the perfect fabrics to make the garment “me” and the whole sewing process.


When this picture was taken I had just asked Yuki what she thought of the dress and she looked down and said, “It’s beeautiful!”  Hee hee.

Pinwheel6This pattern is now available in paper format and PDF so head over to the Oliver + S site to get your copy now.


27 thoughts on “Oliver + S Spring Pattern Preview: Pinwheel Dress + Tunic

  1. oh gosh, that picture of her looking at the dress is soooooo adorable! I love your sweet version, makes me want to go stock up on some linen. And I loved the way the straps were sewn in to. I want to make more just to get to do that again-ha!

  2. That’s a wonderful dress and really great pictures of Yuki-chan! I wish I had a mommy And me version of that with Erika. Even a mommy skirt with the same bottom pattern would be adorable. You should make one for yourself to match Yuki-chan.

    Love your blog!

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Ohhhh girl you so nailed it! Love this version and love the photos too, they’re perfect! I agree with Yuki, it’s beeeutiful!! It was super fun figuring out how to show the different looks these patterns could have with you and Jessica both. Thanks again for playing!! 🙂

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  5. this is gorgeous! I’d liked the pattern before I saw your version but now you’ve got me thinking of other versions! Very inspiring,

  6. This is the sweetest little sundress I have ever seen. I was just looking at this pattern, thinking how I didn’t really need it, and then you go and make a version that I fall in love with at first glance. I love the sweet trim and neutral dress, and the weight of it seems just perfect. It probably doesn’t help that I have Spring fever, and the snow doesn’t leave our yard until May…. Well done! And…oh…your little model. Too cute!

  7. Omg, this is SO CUTE. Your fabric choices are perfect. With the linen and details it actually looks to me like a dress you might see in a Japanese pattern book.

  8. Oh it’s SO lovely Cherie! I really like your take on it. It’s the perfect little summer slip dress. Your fabric choice and bias tape choice are perfection!

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