KCW Spring 13: Little Letter Halter and Parsley Shorts

Quick post for the outfit I made yesterday . . .


I started with a super cute and simple halter top from the Japanese sewing book, あかちゃんの服、てづくりの服 (Baby clothes, handmade clothes), (also available on Amazon here).

100000009001404289_10204Robin so kindly sent me this book with the clothing swap outfit she made because her daughter had grown out of the sizes already.  It’s got a lot of baby stuff, but some great basics for toddlers too.  When I saw this picture in the book, I nearly died from the cuteness.

photo 6

So that became my inspiration for outfit number 1.  The construction of the top is very simple and I made it even more simple by using a piece twill tape instead of making the strap out of fabric like the pattern instructs you to (although I may go back and change it), so it was a really fast sew.


I used the beautiful Nani Iro Little Letter double gauze fabric that I bought from Miss Matatabi (though I can’t tell if that’s the exact same color as the one I used), and I only had half a yard, but it was just enough to cut out the pattern AND the strap if I wanted to.  The color band at the bottom of the halter was a last minute add.  When I saw the picture in the pattern book, I thought the top looked a little short.  And when I was tracing the pattern piece, I also thought it looked a little short.  And then I totally forgot about it and just cut it out anyways.  Well before I was going to hem the top, I really thought that it’d probably hit just at her tummy which would be adorable, but probably too short.  And besides the length, this halter would probably fit for a long time!  So I decided to add some fabric to the bottom and luckily I had some shot cotton leftover from the dress I made Sanae’s daughter and the color (and weight) happened to match perfectly!  I’m glad I added it – it’ll definitely add many more months to the life of this top.


The shorts are from the soon-to-be-released JUST RELEASED Parsley Pants pattern by Made by Rae.  Rae was awesome enough to let me help test out the pattern and let me tell you, this pattern lives up to all of the other amazing Made by Rae patterns awesomeness.  After seeing all the versions that Emmmy Lizzzy made, especially her cute shorts, I was inspired to make some for Yuki too.

I used a linen blend, but accidentally cut it against the grain (if you look closely at the picture of the shorts hanging on the line, you might be able to see the lines on the pockets go up and down but the grain on the rest of the shorts goes horizontally).  I don’t exactly know what that means.  Will it wash up funny or change it’s shape?  Well, we’ll find out.


The pattern is fantastic.  Super simple sew, so many variations to make, excellent directions and images and great fit too.  I’m planning on sewing up a couple more this week if I have time.

So that was day one.  I only got a little bit of sewing in this morning, but here are a couple little peeks.

photo 4 photo 5I’m off to sew a little more before bed!  How was your day two?  Get much done?


18 thoughts on “KCW Spring 13: Little Letter Halter and Parsley Shorts

  1. sooooo cute! I love the combo of simple and sweet with soft femininity in the outfit. Perfect spring/summer carefree clothes.

  2. That top is too cute for words! I actually prefer it with the shot cotton band along the bottom – it’s a great detail that gives it an extra “wow” factor:). Such an adorable outfit – I’m sure it will get much use this summer!!

  3. Your blog is really cute. I like to find simple clothes so that I can make them for both my granddaughter and her doll. Those shorts are adorable–with just a simple pocket on the outside.

  4. So so cute!!! Love the make-it-work moment with that top too…definitely happens around here more than I intend. Also not sure about the sideways grain issue…maybe no big deal?

    • Technically, sewing across the grain is wrong but I’d say insignificant the way you did it. I once ran out of fabric due to an error; I cut a sleeve going the wrong way to save the garment. This obviously couldn’t be done with corduroy or suede. I think fabric generally shrinks more up and down but I shrink everything first anyway. A true seamstress (sewer, sewest?) will try clever things to wing it. I love the trim on the bottom.

  5. Ha! I purposely cut my fabric across the grain because the graphic prints (refer to my KCW “PhD Blouse”). I also wonder how the blouse looks like later after I wash it :). Love the top and pant you made, Cherie! They are cute and look comfy!

  6. Oh, so sweet! I love that band at the bottom, happy accident. I also hope that nothing happens when the shorts go in the wash, because I like the two different grains! I always look forward to seeing what you’ve sewn up…for good reason, this is beautiful!

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