Oliver + S Art Museum Vest

Hey!  I’m still here!  No baby yet, so I’m keeping busy by checking things off my “stuff I gotta do before the baby comes” list.  One of those things was obviously sewing up another new Oliver + S pattern 😛

Haha, ok, so maybe I should be spending my time doing other things, but seriously, who could resist the Art Museum Vest + Trousers pattern?  This is part of the recent Oliver + S fall pattern release and I was so excited to have the opportunity to get my hands on this pattern early.  I love a good unisex/boy pattern and this look is so darn snappy looking!  The pattern is available in both PDF and paper form and in sizes 6M-4 and 5-12.


Though the trousers look totally awesome, I opted to just sew the vest this time around because Yuki will not wear any pants that aren’t knit.  And I love this vest!  I was going to pair it with jeggings and a white t-shirt for more of a gender neutral look, but love that it can be taken in so many directions – dressed up, or down, totally feminine, boyish or gender neutral!


My favorite thing about sewing with Oliver + S patterns is how professional looking your garments come out because of their precise patterns, reliable sewing techniques and awesome instructions.


I made my vest in two linens, both from Joann’s.  The main fabric is soft, striped and, though it’s hard to tell, a subtle purple.  I actually bought it to make something for myself, but thought it’d look pretty awesome as a vest too.  I used a basic off-white linen for the rest.


Check out my tiny welt pockets!  This is the most difficult/time consuming part of the pattern.  If you’ve never sewn welt pockets before, they can be a little intimidating, but the pattern does a good job of walking you through the steps and before you know it, you’ll have some sweet looking pockets.  Even with the great directions, there was one part I got a little hung up on, but reading carefully, taking it slow and asking friends for help got me through it 🙂


Once you get through the welt pockets, the rest of the vest comes together super quickly!


ArtMuseumVest4Yuki is wearing the vest with her Sweetheart Bubble Dress.  It’s surprisingly become one of her favorites!  Which makes me happy because a lot of the stuff I make for her barely gets worn!  She actually got mad at me just for touching “her favorite dress!”  This girl is starting to get an attitude . . .


So I can only speak for the vest part of this pattern, but I highly recommend it!  If you want to check out the trousers, be sure to head over to skirt as top to see Kristin’s dapper vest and trouser set and probably actually for Gail’s adorable baby trousers.  The pants pattern looks super professional and again, I can imagine them being made for everything from special occasion to everyday school wear.  If you’re interested, you can buy your pattern from the Oliver + S shop here!

And if you haven’t seen it yet, go check out Gail and Kristin‘s versions of the new Library Dress also!


Now go off and enjoy your weekend!  Happy sewing!

*The Art Museum Vest + Trousers pattern was generously given to me for this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.*

22 thoughts on “Oliver + S Art Museum Vest

  1. Such a cute outfit!! First, the vest is great. I’m so excited about getting this pattern and someday putting Hawthorne in a vest. Yours looks adorable with the pure wonderfulness of her dress. Still love that dress so much. I can’t make dresses for violet anymore because she won’t wear them. It’s all tees and pants/leggings for that girl.

    You’re having a baby sooooo soon! Yay! Sweet baby!

    • Thanks! Yeah, it’s pretty interesting what this girl will wear. It’s either yoga pants and t-shirts or the occasional dress. But NEVER shorts and definitely no jeans or woven pants. She’s gotta be able to move. Anyways, yay! Baby! Someday soon, I hope 🙂

  2. That is soooo cute! I think I am going to be buying my first online pattern soon and making this. So excited! Thanks for always showing off this super cute stuff, love your blog!!

  3. cherie! i am sending you positive baby vibes every day, fyi. i LOVE this vest. i’ve been on a pattern buying fast and have a stockpile of o+s that i haven’t even gotten to yet. but, this vest is too cute. love it with the dress, too (can’t believe yuki’s willingly in a dress!). i’m adding it to my short list! you’ve done your job! xoxo

  4. Your little Yuki steals the show!! As lovely as the dress and vest are (way to go with the welt pockets – they look great!), she is the definition of adorable:)

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  7. I’m glad I checked out your blog, simply to remind my daughter (of 27) that I’m not the only mum in the world who (used to ) makes clothes for their kids. Love the outfit, perfect combination.

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