Straight Lines and Angles Skirt

Straight Lines and Angles Skirt by you & mie

Today I am part of the Straight Lines and Angles series hosted by Jess of If Only They Would Nap.  The series is inspired by the geometric shapes trend, which I have totally fallen for.

I had originally planned on a triangle print skirt, but ended up setting that idea aside and taking a different approach to the project.  Instead of making something with geometric shapes on it, I decided to make something out of geometric shapes.

Straight Lines and Angles Skirt by you & mie

I was inspired by this awesome hoodie, and decided to use straight lines and angles to piece together a skirt with pockets.  I figured it was the perfect opportunity to do some color blocking as well, because that’s always appropriate, right!?

Straight Lines and Angles Skirt by you & mie

So this is kind of like a basic rectangular skirt (tutorial here), but I cut the pattern into polygons to create the angled center piece and pockets.  Here are my pattern pieces . . .

Straight Lines and Angles Skirt by you & mie

Doesn’t get more “straight lines and angles” than that, huh?

Straight Lines and Angles Skirt by you & mie

As a finishing touch, I freezer paper stenciled a set of stars (my favorite of all polygons) in one corner.  I love stars so much.

Straight Lines and Angles Skirt by you & mie

I’ve also been having fun coming up with different and unexpected combinations of colors.  Since I’m trying to use fabric from my stash, I dug all of these up from my scrap pile.  Recognize any of them?  The center panel is a gorgeous purpley shot cotton from the Maggie Mae Tunic.  The chartreuse is from my Project Run and Play Sew-along Signature Look skinny pants.  The side panels of the skirt are a cream linen/linen blend that I used for the Art Museum Vest.  The waist band is an oatmeal colored linen, but I have no idea where it came from or what I used it for before.

Straight Lines and Angles Skirt by you & mie

When I first showed Yuki the skirt, she said she didn’t like it, or the tank top I wanted her to wear with it.  Then she suddenly changed her mind and put them on happily and wore them the rest of the day!  That was a nice surprise – I feel like I haven’t made her anything she’s actually liked in a long time.  And hey!  I like it, too!  Isn’t it nice when things work out like that?

Follow along the rest of the series here and be sure to enter the Straight Lines and Angles giveaway here!

Have a great week!


22 thoughts on “Straight Lines and Angles Skirt

  1. Hi I notice you have not used any face shots of your daughter this time. Was this a conscious decision ? I took a long time in deciding whether or not to use head shots of my children in my blog. I have good reasons for and against. I decided I would sometimes, but not always.

    Love the angles and the colours of your geometric skirt. And I’m also a lover of stars ( and spots, and stripes).

    • You’re so observant! I actually debate the issue all the time. Until recently, I’ve freely posted pictures of my whole family, but I’m starting to feel a little bit more hesitant to do so (for several reasons). I didn’t consciously NOT post any pictures of my daughter’s face in this post, but since it was a skirt, most of the pictures I took did not actually include her face. The few that did have her face didn’t come out very good, so I ended up not using any. I’ve decided recently that I will try to post face pictures less frequently and focus more on the clothes. I do think that I’ll share some here and there though.

      Oh yes, I love spots and stripes too! Those are more practical, but stars are definitely my favorite 🙂

    • Your shirt is SOOOO FANTASTIC!! I tried to comment on your post, but it didn’t work. I’ll go back and try again, but seriously, I love it so much and that stenciling is awesome!

  2. Yay for Yuki liking it! It’s always a gamble isn’t it with the small people 😛 Also, you always choose the best colours. I think I’m coming to you for advice next time I have a colour dilemma.

  3. YOUR CREATIVITY SHINES with this unique skirt! Color blocking with geometric pieced-together sections for a cute young girl’s skirt. FAB muted 2 colors with white & mix of fabrics you’ve combined, are actually scraps from previous sewing projects. BRAVO! Sarah Helene, Minneapolis

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