Birds Eye Everyday Skirt

Hey!  Enjoying your weekend!?  Hop on over to Miss Matatabi to check out my new skirt made from some goooorgeous Nani Iro Birds Eye fabric.  Can you tell I’m getting ready for spring??

Everyday Skirt in Nani Iro Birds Eye by you & mie

Miss Matatabi is my favorite online source for Nani Iro and other fantastic fabrics from Japan.  Seriously, check it out.  I just spent way too much time drooling over all of the new stuff she’s been adding to her shop.  IT’S SO GOOD.  If you don’t know, now you know.

You’re welcome.

Anyways, if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen a tiny preview of this skirt and the injury I sustained while making it.  It was totally worth it though!  Head on over to my guest post to catch all of the details of this skirt.

And enjoy whatever is left of your weekend!


8 thoughts on “Birds Eye Everyday Skirt

  1. I want to make a Darling Ranges Dress in some blue birds eye. You have inspired me to take the plunge! I always dance around the Nani Iro for myself too, because of the supposed expense but really by the time I buy all of the other cheap yardage in an effort to soothe my Nani Iro longings, I might as well just buy a chunk of the good stuff that I know I’ll wear all of the time.

    That skirt looks great. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • OH that’ll be sooo gorgeous! Yes, I totally agree – we deserve Nani Iro!! And you probably already know this, but you definitely want to make a muslin of the DRD if you haven’t already made one. Everyone I know who has made one had to do major alterations on the bust darts. And you do NOT want to waste any nani iro! 😛

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