Starry Night Washi Dress

Bringing home this post from March, originally published here, as part of the Miss Matatabi Makers series.  This is the THIRD Washi Dress that I’ve made (see 1 and 2), not to mention, the wedding dress I made from a hacked version of the pattern!  Can you tell I love it?  By the way, this fabric is still available in the Miss Matatabi shop!


When looking through Frances’ fabulous shop, this gorgeous cotton voile caught my eye. It’s called Starry Night and comes in several beautiful colors. I knew immediately that this lightweight fabric would make something wonderful to wear for the upcoming warm weather months.

Starry Night Washi Dress by you & mie

The pattern is the awesome Washi Dress by Made by Rae, with the large bow from the Expansion Pack. I absolutely love this universally flattering, easy-to-wear dress pattern!

Starry Night Washi Dress by you & mie

I made this dress for a wedding that I was attending and it actually has a little secret that is hidden. Can you guess what it is?

Starry Night Washi Dress by you & mie

Can you see it now?

Starry Night Washi Dress by you & mie

Ok, ok, I’ll tell you. It’s nursing friendly! I needed a dress that I could nurse in and unfortunately, the options are pretty limited out there. So I had the brilliant idea of adding an invisible zipper to the bodice. Well, it turns out that Rae herself had the same idea and not only beat me to it, but she even made a tutorial for adding a zipper to a Washi (or any dress bodice, really)! Lucky you!

The black fabric, plus the large bow, make the zipper completely undetectable! Of course, I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to photograph any of the details of this dress because of the color, but trust me, the fabric is wonderful!

Starry Night Washi Dress by you & mie

The fabric is very lightweight and has a beautiful drape. It is slightly sheer, so I lined the entire dress with a tan/nude voile I had in my stash. But because of the dark color, it actually wasn’t as sheer as I thought it would be. I think it could make a great unlined top, if you are going to layer it with a camisole underneath.

Starry Night Washi Dress by you & mie

I made the Washi in size large and added 1 inch to the bottom of the bodice just so it would hit a little lower. Well, the truth is, I originally added 2 inches to the bodice, but in a complete sewing fail, I sliced my bodice with my serger blade while finishing one of my seams. THANKFULLY, the fabric was cut 1 inch above the bottom of the bodice, and I had added that extra length, so it was easy enough to save. Phew!!

I also added a little width to the front skirt piece and gathered it (instead of pleating). I pleated the lining so that it would lay nice and flat and not add anymore bulk to the waistline. I made a double elastic casing in the back instead of shirring, since I still haven’t unlocked that secret on my sewing machine yet.

Starry Night Washi Dress by you & mie

I love how versatile this dress is – I can dress it up or down. And I plan on wearing it long after I’m done nursing. I hadn’t used voile to sew for myself until know, but it was so easy to sew with and I love wearing it! I highly recommend this fabric, especially for your spring/summer wardrobe. It would make a perfect lightweight tank, blouse, or scarf. And I love the other colors, especially the bright and cheery yellow! I could definitely use a Wiksten tank in some of that!


5 thoughts on “Starry Night Washi Dress

  1. Wow, Cherie – such clever alterations and brave! One of these days I hope to share the inside of a garment. I am still such a loser when it comes to the finishing… You do such beautiful work. I just received some of this fabric from Frances in the mail and I am totally in love, haven’t decided what to make yet, though. For me or for my girl?

  2. I absolutely LOVE this version of the Washi! It looks great on you and yes, the zipper for nursing ease is totally undetectable. My own washi has been sitting in my closet for two months (sad face) because I started in with a button placket on the bodice and then got stuck. I probably need to go back and rewatch some of Rae’s tutorials.

    I picked up the starry night fabric from MissMatabi in yellow (it’s on sale!) for a Yaletown dress to wear to a wedding and I am practically bouncing in my seat waiting for it to come in.

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