Triple Gauze Sleep Sack and Blanket

This month I’m taking a bit of a blogging break and enjoying time away from the computer.  I’ve done a lot of sewing recently though, so I’ll have a lot to catch up on when I’m back!  Reposting this project, originally published here, as part of the Miss Matatabi Makers series.  Mmmm . . . triple gauze . . . 


Ooooh, do I have some amazing fabric to share with you today!

Triple Gauze Baby Set

TRIPLE GAUZE.  Did you know it existed?  I did not, until very recently, and I am now a huge fan!  If you think single gauze is lovely and double gauze is dreamy, well, triple gauze is downright heavenly.

The triple gauze available in the Miss Matatabi Shop is reversible, which makes it even more awesome!  Before I washed it, it was smooth and soft.  When it came out of the wash, it was like a fluffy cloud!  Double and triple gauzes are multiple layers of gauze fabric that are attached every couple of centimeters, essentially basting or quilting the fabric.  After washing and drying, the fabric was already like a perfectly lightweight quilt.

Triple Gauze Reversible Dots from Miss MatatabiThe three layers of gauze give this fabric the perfect amount of thickness, but it is still so light and breathable.  It’s perfect for warm or hot weather.  And because it’s loosely woven, it’s got a nice amount of give to it and it makes a wonderful blanket for swaddling a baby or for just a light cover.

The first project I made with this lovely fabric was a baby sleep sack using the Lua Sleep Sack Pattern by An of StraightGrain and fellow Miss Matatabi Maker.

Triple Gauze Lua Sleepsack2

The pattern is great.  Simple and easy to construct and I ended up with a practical and adorable sleep sack for my baby!  I didn’t add piping, which is an option, but I wanted to showcase the double sided nature of the fabric and flipped the fabric for the top portion of the sleep sack.

Triple Gauze Lua Sleepsack1

The lining is not from Miss Matatabi, but is a double gauze fabric I picked up from Tomato, a fabric store in Japan.  So yes, that makes FIVE LAYERS OF GAUZE on this puppy.  What can I say, the stuff is amazing!  There is a layer of cotton batting in between as well, since we don’t really ever have hot nights here in San Francisco.  This thing is SO COZY.  Like sleeping in a cloud.  Honestly, I’m jealous.

Triple Gauze Lua Sleepsack3

Triple Gauze Lua Sleepsack5

The only modification I made was to shorten it by a few inches, but it’s still got plenty of growing room for my petite babe.

Triple Gauze Lua Sleepsack4

Triple Gauze Blanket1

The other project is a blanket – suuuuper simple, but so practical and adorable.  I took 1 meter of the triple gauze and rounded the corners (I used a glass jar to trace the curve).  Then I serged all around the edge of the fabric, and that’s it!  A blanket!

Triple Gauze Blanket2

Because the fabric is reversible, there is no wrong or right side.

Triple Gauze Blanket3

I seriously love this blanket.  It’s so cozy and soft, but perfectly light and breathable.  It’s the kind that I can imagine carrying around with us everywhere in the warmer months – to cover the baby during a nap at the beach, or throw over the car seat to block the sun, or over us while nursing, whatever!

Triple Gauze Blanket4

Need a gift for a baby, or have a baby of your own?  These triple gauze fabrics are perfect!

And check back in later this week for a baby/kid related giveaway!!


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