One Lucky Butt

Yo!  Hey!  How’s it going!?  Long time, eh?  How are you doing?

March has rolled in quickly and I feel like I’ve been slammed in all directions.  Overwhelmed is an understatement, but I know that it’ll pass.  Just trying to ride it out.  Anyone else having a crazy month so far?

Well I’m here to share my latest Miss Matatabi Makers project!  I used some beautiful laminated nani IRO to make a changing pad and diaper clutch for the baby, er, toddler.  It feels a little wrong to be changing dirty diapers on nani IRO, but I do love it so much!

Laminated nani IRO Changing Pad and Diaper Clutch by you & mie

Seriously, this is one lucky butt!

Anyways, check out the full post HERE.

Besides this project I haven’t really done any sewing recently.  I’ve been doing something else.  Sorry sewing, I’ve been cheating on you.  With knitting!  Haha, yeah, I picked up the knitting needles recently to try and make myself a beanie.  I’ll let you know how that goes if/when I finish. 🙂

you & mie knits

What have you been working on?

Take care and till next time!


4 thoughts on “One Lucky Butt

  1. I recently started crocheting. I’m trying to make my daughter a blanket to remove the one she’s had for 7 years. Though I’m starting to think is this for me or for her? Lol. It’s so relaxing. Do post pics of the finished beanie !

  2. Glad to see your knitting project in addition to sewing. I haven’t sewn recently after 23 baby doll cotton sheet & pillow sets last fall. Sold 7 sets at a neighborhood Craft weekend sale in early December. During January & February I crocheted 67 ruffle & narrow scarves from a variety of yarns bought on sale from an on-line discount yarn site! Some ruffle scarves took only 30 minutes to crochet! Already gifted 32 scarves to relatives & friends.

  3. I’m really digging the multifunctional clutch to go with it all. I like it when everything is all wrapped into one. The yellow also adds a really fresh touch to the grey and black. If ever I need a changing pad, I’ll keep this idea in mind.

  4. it’s probably (definitely) the most beautiful changing pad i’ve ever seen! haha. great call on the magnetic snaps and the hand sewn binding, those really kick it up a couple notches. excited to see your beanie, good luck!

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