A Charlie Dress

Free Way Charlie Dress by you & mie

My second make for Kids Clothes Week was a Charlie Dress for Yuki in some beautiful new nani IRO double gauze.  I love it.  I really do.

Free Way Charlie Dress by you & mie

I think you all know by now that I love nani IRO.  The prints are always so gorgeous and unique and the fabric quality is so high.  I’m a huge fan of double gauze, it’s just so soft and comfortable and relatively easy to sew with.  When looking through the latest collection I had a hard time deciding what to buy – there are so many great prints!  Since they are a little pricey, I had to limit what I bought, so I only picked up a yard of this print called Free Way Hitoiki.  I bought it from Miss Matatabi, but unfortunately, she’s out of this colorway – you can see the others here.

Free Way Charlie Dress by you & mie

I love this print.  It’s simple, but beautiful and detailed.  The little white dots and the thin lines plus all the shades of blueish gray and the different directions – EVERYTHING – it just fits together and is so well balanced and gorgeous.

Free Way Charlie Dress by you & mie

Perhaps a little sophisticated for kid’s dress, but I knew with a simple pattern it would be pretty stunning.  I just had to sell Yuki on it, but luckily she was totally on board.  I promised her it would be twirly (and it really is) and comfy (and it really is) and she loves it!

Free Way Charlie Dress by you & mie

The pattern, by Mingo and Grace, is great.  Really simple as far as dress construction goes.  Front, 2 back pieces, bias to finish the arms and neck, button closure and ruffle skirt.  As much as I love the clean look of zippers, I’m a big fan of easy button and loop closures too.  I’ve got tons of buttons on hand, so it was nice being able to just cut it up and sew it.  No special notions necessary.

Free Way Charlie Dress by you & mie

I love the silhouette too.  It’s just so simple and classic.  The dropped waist makes it loose in the hips and waist, so you really only need your child’s chest measurement to determine the size.  I made the 3 for Yuki.  It fits really well except it’s a little on the short side.  Looks great when she’s standing, but when she raises her arms or is playing, it’s too short.  Luckily she always wears leggings, so it’s not a problem, but I’ll probably lengthen it next time.

Free Way Charlie Dress by you & mie

The pattern sizing is from 12M to 12, so it’ll last you awhile if you buy it!  I can definitely see myself making more of these.  A couple for Kaya too.

I’ve finished a tank top for Yuki for Kids Clothes Week and have one more on the sewing table.  I was hoping to get a pair of leggings done too, but I may have to do those next week.  Feels good to be sewing again!  What did you get done this week?


24 thoughts on “A Charlie Dress

  1. Perfectly CHARMING. . . gorgeous design as well as muted colors on this double gauze fabric in the size 3 dress you’ve created for Yuki. Classic and simple lines, sleeveless with a dropped waist and wide ruffle at the bottom. Looks like a $175.00 little girl’s couture dress from Japan! Lots of Mom’s love sewn into this. Sarah in Minneapolis

  2. pretty much the most perfect fabric EVER! And you did it justice by sewing it into a gorgeous dress – just stunning!

  3. Really awesome. One of the cutest dresses I’ve seen in a while. I love the silhouette and the fabric together.

  4. Charlie looks so good in that fabric. I think this may well be my favourite Charlie dress ever. Oh goodness! I thought I had all the fabric I could possibly need, then along comes your post to lead me into temptation.

  5. seriously seriously cute. love how that charlie dress flares out and then the skirt; it’s more fresh and modern than the old 90s drop waisted skirt dresses we used to wear. it’s a good thing when you fan find that sweet spot where you love what you’re sewing and your kid loves the final product too! sometimes all it takes is a freakin’ pink button. 😉

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  7. Absolutely adorable dress. Perfect combination of pattern and fabric! I want one for myself 🙂 !

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