Life is strange: part 2 and Me Made May

So back in February, I posted about how I decided to take on a new writing opportunity to blog for  Well, after two months of that, I quit!  Shortest writing “career” ever?  Haha, maybe.  I tried it.  I liked some of the things about it.  It definitely pushed me to write about different topics and in a way that’s completely different from how I write here on this blog.  I got to connect with some new people.  I liked the paycheck 😛

But it was stressful.  For a slow writer like me, and a maaaajor procrastinator, it was too much.  The second I finished one piece, it was time to start another.  When I had submitted all the posts for one month, I had to come up with new ideas for the next month.  I don’t mind having a deadline, in fact, it’s sometimes the only way I’ll get anything done.  But this was like having deadline after deadline with no end in sight.  I’d have a cloud of stress and guilt hanging over me all month long and know that it would be there the following month (and the month after that).  Plus it just didn’t feel like my “style.”  I found myself putting out posts that I wasn’t necessarily proud of, just to meet my quota.

Me Made May 2015 // you & mie

So after two quick months, I threw in the towel.  I’m glad I tried it, but it seemed silly to put myself through all that.  I did feel some guilt and had to admit my privilege of being able turn down a paycheck simply because the work was stressing me out.  But after I quit, I felt nothing but relief.  So I knew I had made the right choice.  It feels good to have some time back.  Time to go walking, time to cook, time to sew.

Me Made May 2015 // you & mie

And boy, have I been sewing!  I hadn’t been doing much sewing at the beginning of this year but I committed to my usual Miss Matatabi Makers posts and then joined Rae’s Small World Tour and then Kids Clothes Week hit and I just ran with it!  And when I decided not to blog for anymore I felt this huge urge to take the time to sew all the things for ME!  I’ve been collecting so much fabric and so many patterns with plans to make myself a new wardrobe, but those projects always get pushed to the bottom of the list.  So I declared May the month to sew for ME.  And so far I’ve made myself 6 new things (SIX!) and I’ve still got plans for at least a few more!

Me Made May 2015 // you & mie

This spark just happened to coincide with Me Made May, an annual challenge for sewers/knitters to wear at least one handmade (or refashioned) article per day.  Last year I watched tons of people post their daily pictures of awesome handmade clothes and I decided that I wanted to participate the following year.  Which of course, is this year!  So though I didn’t take the official pledge and commit to anything in particular (some people give themselves different challenges based on what’s appropriate for them), I have been wearing and documenting at least one piece of handmade clothing per day!  Which is really exciting!  And challenging!

Me Made May 2015 // you & mie

I’ve been pulling stuff out from the back of the closet, things that I didn’t even remember I had.  It’s been interesting to see what I actually wear and what I don’t.  I’ll probably save my thoughts for a reflection at the end of the month, but if you’d like to keep up with the day to day action, be sure to follow along on Instagram!  The official hashtag is #mmmay15 and there are currently over 8,700 pictures on IG just from the last 19 days!  So much handmade loveliness and inspiration!

Me Made May 2015 // you & mie

As for this blog, I’ll probably be coming and going.  As much as I love to share what I’m working on here, I’m finding Instagram to be so much faster and simpler for sharing and really fun and rewarding too.  There’s a fun and active community there so I feel like I’m still meeting people and having conversations and learning and growing.  So sorry for cheating on you, blog, but Instagram has stolen my heart!

Me Made May 2015 // you & mie

You can find me @youandmie and follow along all my Me Made May posts and sewing works in progress and some cute pics of my kids too 🙂

Are you participating in MMM?  What’s your favorite piece of clothing that you’ve made for yourself?

Until next time!


16 thoughts on “Life is strange: part 2 and Me Made May

  1. Well I’m commenting here because as much as I love instagram (a recent move for me) I miss blog comments. Don’t know if you’re the same, but hey blog comments feel like double value sometimes.
    Good to hear you’re on a making bend. Lovely fabrics, I guess I’ll have to check instagram to see what you’ve been making…..

    • Hi! I do appreciate blog comments, so thank you! It’s a bit sad that (at least it feels to me) blogs and comments are slowing down a bit, but thanks for helping it stay alive! I did make a handful of things in May! But it’s all on IG, if you want to see 😛

  2. Hello! I always enjoy reading your posts.
    To answer your questions, I’ve been doing a fantastic job of wearing things for Me Made May, but a terrible job of taking photos of myself. I made three Tova tops late in April/early May, and those have been getting the most wear.

    Happy sewing!

    • Ooh, the Tova pattern has been on my sewing list forever and I really want to try it out, but it keeps getting pushed back! I’ll definitely have to just go for it, I’ve seen so many lovely ones!

  3. Good for you for trying out the paid writing gig and also for quitting when you knew it was too much. That’s an awful lot to take on in addition to a day job and a family!

    Love the pieces you’ve been working on! I’ve been participating in MMM, though I haven’t been posting pictures as regularly as I did last year. And I haven’t sewn a stitch for the entire month of May! (It’s kind of driving me bonkers). I finished up a 2-week trial at about 9:30pm on Friday and have had family in town ever since. I’m really looking forward to some sewing time this weekend!

  4. Hello! I returned to sewing last summer and have enjoyed seeing your posts and your makes. I’m glad to see your post today. You gave the writing gig a try and knew when to walk away. Better that than be stressed out and unhappy.

    Love the makes I see. We share some common tastes in fabrics! I have a request. I have seen only bits of the Dress No.1 with the quilting accents. I think Sonya posted a star too on your dress? I would love to see the whole dress and learn more about what you did. Thanks!

    ps I will see you on IG. I am in the process of getting mine set up.

    • Thanks so much! I will try and do a blog post about Dress No. 1 soon. Between the pic above of the pocket accents and the star on the back (I recently posted a pic on IG of that too), that’s pretty much all I added. It’s a really nice and simple silhouette, I like it a lot!

  5. Hi nice to see your not just limiting yourself to one thing…it’s always nice to span out. I just got my web set up and barely to know if you know where u purchase inexpensive material and supplies. Did u make those four tops?

    • Thanks! I don’t know much about buying inexpensive materials, except there are a few discount fabric places locally (in San Francisco) and of course, Jo-ann. I did make the four tank tops in the pic above. Good luck to you!!

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  7. I think trying out and deciding that it is not for you is very courageous. Congratulations — at least now you know what you don’t like/like to do. I’d like to get some sewing done this summer, I’m planning to make a few pairs of lightweight cotton pants for my son, and Tova top is still on my to-sew list!

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