Another Elsa Dress

I know, I know, the last thing the world needs is another Elsa dress!! ¬†But here’s one for ya anyways ūüėõ

So a month ago, my family and I traveled across the country to Florida for a reunion. ¬†We stayed in Fort Lauderdale for the first part of the trip, but we figured we might as well hit up Disneyworld while we were all the way out there! ¬†I knew there was a good chance that we¬†wouldn’t be going¬†back out to Florida any time soon and we also knew that Yuki would have an absolute blast.

But I kept hearing horror stories about the Florida’s heat and humidity.¬† So¬†between the unavoidable heat and all the fun activities we were going to be doing, I came up with a¬†sewing list that was ridiculously long. ¬†Then I had my very own Kids Clothes Week and though I didn’t even get through half my original list, I did make 7 pieces of clothing in about a week or so! ¬†I’ll be sharing them throughout the next couple of weeks. ¬†First up, Elsa’s summer dress.

Elsa's Summer Dress by you & mie

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Super Yuki to the Rescue!

Superhero4My main Christmas present to Yuki was this superhero dress up costume, and honestly? ¬†Best. Gift. Ever. ¬†For two reasons – 1. it was all suuuper simple and fast to sew up and 2. she absolutely loves it. ¬†Can’t get much better than that!


SUPER YUKI! ¬†Oh man, I get a pretty good kick out of this costume too, I must say! ¬†I first got the idea to make her a cape awhile ago when Yuki started pretending that she was a magician. ¬†But recently, she saw a few episodes of the 1980s show, Spider-man and His Amazing Friends, and got really into the character, Firestar. ¬†She kept asking if she could be her, but she looks like this and I wasn’t going to make that costume for her. ¬†Luckily, details don’t matter much to a three year old and as far as Yuki is concerned, she is totally Firestar.

Superhero2So there are a ton of great cape patterns out there, but this one was made with this free pattern/tutorial¬†because I really liked the shape of it. ¬†Though I used velcro instead of magnets and I also shortened it quite a bit. ¬†The cape is reversible and one side is made of some sort of shiny red fabric with the felt star “logo” top stitched on.


The reverse side is black cotton with silver stars hand stamped on. ¬†This side is supposed to be the magician side. ¬†She hasn’t actually used this side since she’s much more into being a superhero, but I imagine that if I get her a hat and magic wand, she might be inclined to put on some magic shows as well. ¬†I love that this cape is reversible and easy enough for her to put on by herself.


The mask and arm cuffs are made of felt (the red is a glittery felt) and are technically both reversible as well, though these are just yellow on the other side. ¬†I used this template for the mask and this pattern/tutorial for the arm cuffs, though I shortened my cuffs to fit Yuki better. ¬†I started by top stitching the yellow stars on the red layer and then sewed the yellow and red layers together close to the edges. ¬†Sandwich the elastic in between the two layers for the mask and it’s done. ¬†The arm cuffs close with velcro. ¬†I think I finished these in one nap time!


I love how she falls into character so quickly when the costume is on. ¬†All I have to do is give a Green Goblin cackle and she’s after me like the world is depending on it!


Stealth mode.

I just love her imagination right now. ¬†Everything she does is so creative and intensely real and meaningful it is to her. ¬†Sometimes it gets tiring to play the same games over and over again with her, but I also know that I’m going to miss this stage when it’s gone. ¬†She is just always 100% in that moment. ¬†I envy that.


OOF – she’s just too powerful for me! ¬†Super Yuki saves the day once again!

What was the best present that you gave this year?  This would definitely be it for me, hands down.