Signature Look for PR&P

It’s done!  Finally!  I finished my outfit for the Project Run & Play Sew Along.  The theme was Signature Look.  Like every other week, I thought and brainstormed and mulled for a loooong time and then finally made a decision and ended up cramming in late night sewing sessions just to BARELY get it done in time.  I’m a procrastinator, through and through.  I think THAT’S my signature style!

But really, I think this outfit captures a lot of my signature styles.  Most of my children’s clothes is inspired by adult clothing.  I tend to like clothes that doesn’t look like it’s for kids, but is still totally wearable and appropriate for little tykes.  I like to make clothes for Yuki that I would wear myself.  I think my style leans towards classic, simple, and modern, but can also be soft and feminine.

I decided on three pieces: pants, a top and a light pullover.  Although it’s still on the chilly side here in San Francisco, in my head, I’m in spring mode.  I’m ready for warm weather and wanted to make something for a day at the beach.

We totally lucked out with AMAZING weather today for our photo shoot.  It was perfect for a day at the beach and I had so much fun taking a ton of pictures.  Get ready for a photo overload!!

I’ll start with the top.  Besides some issues with the fit, I really like how it came out.  I was inspired by the fabric.  I had this GORGEOUS double gauze fabric by Nani Iro that I bought awhile back and when I noticed it in my stash I thought it’d be perfect for a spring/summer top.  Double gauze is amazing fabric.  It’s super soft and light and breathable.  It’s meant to help you keep cool in hot weather.  If you ever see some at the store, please buy it and make something beautiful with it.  It’s pricey, but so worth it!!  I can’t find a link to any of this particular fabric online, but just do a search for “double gauze nani iro” and you’ll see some of the stuff I’m talking about.

Anyways, back to the top . . . I just threw in some fun elements like the pintucks and the keyhole in the back to add a little interest to an otherwise simple piece.  I wanted it to look soft and clean so I made sure to have no visible stitches.  It was a fun challenge and I like the finished look.

The second piece is the pullover.  I actually LOVE the way this came out.  I don’t think I’d change anything about it.  I used a cotton/linen blend and wanted to make something to wear in the spring/summer as a cover up when it gets chilly or to put on over a bathing suit.

I decided to line the hood with linen stamped with stars.  Yuki is OBSESSED with stars right now, it’s her favorite word and every time she sees the shape or anything that vaguely resembles it she says, “staaa!  STAA!”  I think it’s awesome because I LOVE stars and had a slight obsession with them myself when I was in high school/college.

So I carved up 2 star stamps and mixed some fabric paint to match the pants fabric and stamped it randomly on some white linen.  I cut out one of the extra stars and appliqued it to the pocket.

I don’t really know what to say about the rest.  I like the loose fit and the star and stitching details.  I can imagine Yuki wearing this a lot.

As for the pants, they came out ok and I love the color, but the fit is not perfect.  They are a little too skinny and might be better in a knit fabric so they don’t feel so tight or restrict movement.  I did have a lot of fun with the details on these though, like the pocket stitching and the faux fly.

Super HIGH rise for that diaper booty 🙂

High rise pants provide full diaper coverage!

And that’s it!  The three pieces that make up my “signature look.”  I’ve had a ton of fun sewing along with Project Run & Play for the last 7 weeks and will probably talk more about that later, but it feels good to be done with my final outfit.  I hope you like it!

Here are my bloopers from today’s shoot.


And I can’t even tell you what’s going on in this photo sequence, but this is her new favorite move.

Our little yogi/dancer 🙂

I just have to say a huge THANK YOU to Hideko and Yuki for being such big helpers and super troopers through, not only this photo shoot, but the whole Project Run and Play season.

And thanks to you for stopping by and checking out my sewn creations week after week!


28 thoughts on “Signature Look for PR&P

  1. I love it all! I want to make a pullover just like yours – or a few, one for me and one for my girl. The stars are awesome and the one on the pocket is such a great touch. Awesome stitching on the pockets of the pants too. Congrats on a job well done!

  2. Oh my, what a gorgeous outfit on such a gorgeous little model! Love the colours and stars that you stamped yourself oh my goodness I wish I had this outfit! Great job!!

  3. i hopped over to your blog from Delia Creates and went through all your posts! i love all your outfits for your daughter! I want to make the polka-dotted top but in adult-size- for ME!!! any chance you will do a tutorial one day? i’m in love! great job on your blog!

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  5. What an amazing outfit – all of it! I just love, love, LOVE it! If ever you have extra time on your hands (I know – happens all the time!), a tutorial would be so lovely!!

  6. Yes please pleasy pretty please a tutorial for that cutie pullover!! I´m so in love with it but i just can´t wrap myy brain around how u did the v-neck and hoodie! So please =) a tutorial for us
    Love your blog and yours skills!
    Greetings from Berlin (Germany)

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  8. Okay, I’m 2.5 months late in commenting on this, but seriously, it’s so amazingly good. I’m in awe. And I’m so crazy jealous of people who makes things without patterns! That little pullover is genius! Hope you’re still thinking of doing a tutorial! 🙂

  9. Oh, I fell so in love with the pullover! The fabric, the stars, the colors together, all the little details, the cord to tighten! All of it 🙂 Of course I liked the dress and the pants too, but beeing a boy-mom I could really see myself making something like that pullover for my boy(s). You have a nice blog, make beautiful clothes and lovely daughter. 🙂

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  13. this was a few years ago just found your awesome site today! did you do a tut for the pull over? or is it from a pattern? ❤ thanks

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