Japanese Sewing Book GIVEAWAY! {CLOSED}

*UPDATE* The giveaway winners are . . .
Laura who won the Easy to Understand Baby and Little Kids Clothes and
Ajaire who won the Kid’s Clothes Sewing Lesson Book!


THANK YOU THANK YOU for joining us for the Japanese Sewing Book Series!!  I can’t tell you had much fun I had working with my 5 fabulous guests and how much I learned from them.  I’m honestly so excited to start digging into my Japanese patterns and get sewing!  How about you?

Well to thank you for following along and give you something to start with, I’ve got TWO Japanese sewing books to give away today!

The first is 子供服ソーイング LESSON BOOK (Kid’s Clothes Sewing Lesson Book) and was featured in Miss Matatabi’s post (check out the adorable outfit she made from the book)!

photo by Frances of Miss Matatabi

This book is aptly named, because it really is a lesson book.  It takes you through garment construction step by step and look how many awesome pieces you can make with the book!

Kids Clothes Sewing Lesson BookThe pattern book covers sizes 100-130cm, which according to the book fit ages 3-10 approximately.  It has a great size chart with full body measurements so you can choose the size appropriate for your child.  Go check out a full book review with lots of pictures over at Japanese Sewing Books.

The second book I’ll be giving away is いちばんよくわかる赤ちゃんと小さな子の服 (Easy to Understand Baby and Little Kids Clothes).

DSC_2832This book is geared towards beginners (as you can tell by the title) – it even says on the cover that it’s easy and not stressful for the beginning mama (excuse my rough translation).  And it’s meant for smaller/younger children – which I think is a bit harder to find!

DSC_2836This book has patterns in sizes 70-100cm, (0-3 years old).  Perfect for someone with a younger child.  It’s got patterns for tiny newborns all the way up to cute toddlers.

DSC_2839I can’t wait to sew up these cute summery tops for Yuki!

DSC_2843The photos here are taken of my personal copy of the book, but I’ve yet to sew from it (those little markers are for future projects).  I love the cute and simple projects for little ones.

DSC_2842DSC_2844The best part are the step-by-step photographs for constructing the garments.  Drawn diagrams are great, but I love the full color photographs.

DSC_2840DSC_2858It’s got great basics like t-shirts and shorts, and also accessories like a bib, hat, and leggings.

DSC_2845DSC_2848And look at this cute cape and vest!!!

DSC_2849Two prizes means, two winners!  Both books contain great basics for both boys and girls and have tons of helpful diagrams and photos to aid you as you sew (plus you’ve got the series)!  And since the books are geared toward different ages/sizes, I want you to tell me which you’d like, if you are chosen as a winner.

Giveaway details:
– Giveaway will remain open until Monday, April 1st at 5pm PST
– Winners will be chosen at random and will be contacted by email and announced on the blog on Tuesday, April 2nd.
– Open to international readers
– Void where prohibited

Here’s how to enter: {CLOSED}
– Leave a comment on this post telling me which book you’d like to win: Easy to Understand Baby and Little Kids Clothes (ages 0-3) OR Kid’s Clothes Sewing Lesson Book (ages 3-10) OR “either”
AND (though it’s not required), I’d love it if you shared with me what you thought about the series – something new you learned, a question you still have, a suggestion or tip for our readers – ANYTHING!

Additional entries:
– Follow my blog (some people prefer email subscription, some have a favorite blog reader.  I use Bloglovin and really do love it) and leave a comment telling me you do so.
– Follow you & mie on Facebook and leave a comment telling me you do so.
– Follow you & mie on Instagram and leave a comment telling me you do so.

(maximum number of entries is 4)

Good luck and thanks for entering!


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383 thoughts on “Japanese Sewing Book GIVEAWAY! {CLOSED}

  1. I would love to win “Easy to Understand Baby and Little Kids Clothes”. I think I am less afraid of japanese sewing books know. Thanks a lot! Happy Easter and Greetings from Germany!

  2. I would just love either book, but the “understanding baby clothes” looks especially great because those sizes (0-3) are hard to find! I especially loved this blog series. The styles you have shared here are very simple and beautiful and remind me of high fashion items. I hope to make a bunch of these patterns!

    MaLora Ann

  3. I would love to win the Easy to Understand Baby and Kids Clothes book. I really liked this series! I’ve only seen books online through other bloggers and on Amazon, so this really helped me understand what the book are all about.

    Also, I tried to leave a comment earlier this week but I guess it never posted. I went to UCLA too! Go Bruins!!!!

  4. Cherie, thank you for the awesome series! I thoroughly enjoyed reading along and am very grateful for the wealth of information all five of you shared. Thanks for all the great help!
    I am not sure which book I’d pick. I have a baby, a preschooler, and a kindergartener! I think either? 😉
    Thank you!

  5. I had no idea that these beautiful Japanese books existed…I have a serious yen to get sewing with them thanks to your inspiration. Kids Clothes Sewing Lesson Book would be most useful to me as my little ones are aged 4 years and 18 months(but wearing 2-3 years)
    Regards from Ireland

  6. I would love to win the Lesson Book. So cute! The series was super-helpful. and I especially liked the resources for sewing books – turns out their is a shop near me that I’ve got to check out!

  7. I only own one Japanese sewing book and it’s the second one so I would love to win the first book!
    I have had the baby book for two years without making anything from it because I was a bit intimidated but after the series I have finally started making a skirt from it!

  8. Have enjoyed learning from the first two days. Have yet to finish reading the rest. Fascinatng thus far and love that I am becoming more confidant with the possibilities. Would love either book but, since I still have a less than one year old the Easy to Understand the Baby and Kids book.Thanks, Mary Ann

  9. cherie, this was the best series i have ever seen. it was really like taking a class (except free), so educational, so approachable. you really have accomplished something masterful here, and i am so grateful! i would enjoy either book were i to get lucky 🙂

  10. I would love to win easy to understand the baby and kids book! I have a few Japanese sewing books for older children so this looks really different from the norm! The week was great- nice to see some of the projects in different books- I could easily buy them all!

  11. This is the best series ever for me! I am doing my very first Japanese pattern now and the timing couldn’t have been better!!! Thank you and all your fantastic guests!!!!! And a giveaway ta boot! Score! I would love either book as I have a 1yo, 3yo, and 4yo!!! So either book would be so very loved in our house!!! Thanks again for being amazing!

  12. I found your blog thru this series and have been interested in trying my hand at sewing a japanese pattern for some time! Just not sure if I’m ready for the additional language barrier challenge or not… I’d love to try the frst book – for older kids. Thx for the helpful series and the chance to win a book!!!

  13. I would absolutely love to win EITHER book! I have a 2-yo and another one on the way, so either would be awesome! I have learned so much from this series – I even ordered my first Japanese sewing book – Happy Handmade Vol. 2! I think the best part was learning that it’s easy once you get started.

  14. I’d love to win either book, the bigger sizes would be most useful but the little ones are just so cute, thanks for a wonderful, informative and inspiring series!

  15. I would be happy to win “either” !! I loved the series, thanks so much for hosting:) I have wanted to try one of these patterns for some time – and now I have a “go to” for questions:)

  16. I loved the series – especially the post by miss matatabi. i would love to be entered into the draw for the lesson book. I follow your blog, follow you ok instagram, as well as am a fan if your Facebook page. Thanks for the the generous giveaway!

  17. I would love Kid’s clothes sewing lesson book! I have a toddler and a preschooler so that book would go a lot further for me 🙂 thanks for the chance!

  18. That book for older kids looks like something I would use a lot! I love the clean lines and simplicity of these styles.

  19. either book would be awesome, but I’d guess I’d probably make more use out of the older kids book. Seriously am buying it if and when I don’t win! 🙂 Thanks for the series, I thought it was perfect!!!! I like that it was only a week and to the point, but still loaded with info!

  20. I love the kids clothes sewing lesson book. It was helpful how you explained the relationship between sizes and fabric lengths (hope that makes sense)!

  21. I would love the kids clothes sewing lesson book. I have been sewing from Japanese pattern books for a while, but I had not realized when interfacing was needed – thanks Miss Matatabi!

  22. “Easy to Understand Baby and Little Kids Clothes” sounds right up my alley! I really enjoyed the series and am tempted to try that top your little cutie is wearing. For me the most helpful things I took away from it were simple, such as what shaded pattern pieces mean. Thanks!

  23. oooooooh! I’d really prefer the Kid’s clothes lesson book – first choice! but I do have 5 littles from 9-1yrs, so I’d gladly have the other one, such cuteness! Thank you! I think your series helped fill a niche and will be invaluable information all put in one easy spot.

  24. I’d love to win either! I had a great time reading this series and was also really glad to find out about Nested in Stitches. Thanks!

  25. I’ve just switched over to bloglovin…. so far so good! I’d love a copy of ‘Kids Clothes Sewing Lesson Book’, thanks for the chance to win!

  26. I would love either book! I’ve been intimidated by Japanese Pattern books and their beautiful clothes, but with the tips handy, I’d be willing to try tackling a project.

  27. I would love to win the Easy to Understand Baby and Little Kids Clothes book. Because of this series, I am excited to try out Japanese patterns that have always seemed intimidating. Thank you for the thorough posts and the helpful information!

  28. I would love to get a copy of Kid’s Clothes Sewing Lesson Book! I am learning Japanese (very beginning) and love to sew for my girls (8 and 3). I like the tip about the two pencils for the seam allowance, although I usually use the 5/8 ” with my machine, which is bigger than 1cm. Anyway, thanks for the series … and the giveaway!!

  29. I would love to try the lessons book, both of my kiddos have outgrown the little book. Thanks so much for the series. I learned a lot and one simple thing I never even thought of before was how to look up what the instructions are on google. So simple just never would have thought of it. Thanks.

  30. I would love the first one that was featured in Miss Matatabi’s post…I am still working my way through the posts but the best idea I picked up just skimming through was to tape the two pencils together to draw the seam allowance- I have been tediously adding them with a little ruler, this will be so much easier!

  31. I would love to win either book. I loved the series I had never thought to try sewing something from a book in a different language. I loved the color coded pictures and the pencil taping idea.

  32. I really enjoyed the series. You made something that seemed really scary, seem manageable. So thank you. I would love to win the Kids Clothes Sewing Book.

  33. Cherie, this series has been so informative. Seriously now I want to run out and get a Japanese pattern book. The styles are so perfect for little ones. Thank you for this!

    I also follow your blog through rss feed.

  34. I mostly sew from japanese sewing patterns and have really enjoyed this series. I would like to win either book, but I do have “Kids Clothes Sewing” on my wish list.

  35. I have absolutely loved this series! I’ve seen Japanese sewing books here and there in blog land but had no idea what a gold mine these were! I’m definitely looking into purchasing one, so thank you for the suggestions! I would prefer the book for older children if I were to win. Thanks again for opening my eyes to how awesome these books are!

  36. Thank you so much for your Japanese Sewing Book series. I would really love to have the Kids Clothes Sewing Lesson book. I wish I had this series when I first got interested in Japanese sewing pattern book 2 years ago. I’ve learned some Japanese characters that you must know are characters for front, back, and fold. Those characters will save you a lot of headache. Always leave enough room on your tracing paper to add seam allowance.

  37. Lesson book is my favorite. I want it!
    The series was awesome and guests too.
    Thank you for explain all the details about JSB.

  38. I would loved to win either book. I have a 3 year old child and I’m expecting another boy. Thanks for the giveaway and the series that were great too. Dolores.

  39. I’d love the one for older kids – 3-10. I’ve really enjoyed this series. I’m not sure what else I need to know yet – I need to tackle an actual pattern first (I have some picked out!). What would be really fun and helpful, although maybe beyond the scope of what you’d like to do for the series, is a sew-a-long. It would be great to have some other people working on the same book or pattern.

  40. Either but probably the 2nd one since it’ll fit Ansley better. I am excited to reference this series when I find a cool pattern. Now I’m not totally scared. 🙂

  41. Thank you for a wonderful series! I loved it!
    Even though I have sewn from Japanese patterns (I have three books myself but I used to borrrow from a friend and sew a garment and return the book until she moved away) I learned quite a bit. Like the character for back. And that there are finished garment measurements, I totally needed to know these.
    I would be over the moon if the bigger kids book came to live with me 🙂

  42. I have learnt something new by your series and now don’t feel too daunted about giving it a go – thank you! If I won, I would like, the Kid’s Clothes Sewing Lesson Book as my girls are over 3. I have just signed up to Bloglovin, so follow you there as well. Thanks again for the chance.

  43. I follow you on blog lovin, I also like using it! I’d love either of those books, your series had given me the confidence to go scour ebay for some pattern books- that’s where I’ll go look now! 🙂

  44. I would love the Kids Clothes Sewing Lesson Book. I have loved this series and it’s given me the confidence to actually start to trace the patterns from the gorgeous book I already own.

  45. I currently follow you on Google Reader…but not for much longer! Have been investigating alternatives and BlogLovin is looking like the best option.

  46. Thanks for the great confidence building series! It’s early days in my sewing journey and most patterns and books feel like they’re in another language anyway 😉 This series has taught me that there’s nothing like a good picture (and friendly explanation) to ease the process. I’d be thankful to win either book. Best wishes, Lyndal.

  47. I found your Blog two weeks ago, and I love these series. I have some japanese quilt books and journals and I love look at them. I will try the google translater tip next time when I´m not sure what the book tell me. I like both of the books.

  48. I would love to win either book, they both look adorable!
    I really enjoyed the series mostly because I just hadn’t ever thought to use a Japanese sewing book even though I had heard lots of people talk about it. Now it feels like something I really could (and now really want!) to do.

  49. Thank you so much for this special offer!
    I liked the series a lot, but I´m still a little afraid to buy a Japanese pattern book, because I love to read the instructions, too.
    I would like to win the pattern book for ages 3-10 , but I´m interested in the other book, too. 🙂

  50. loved the series…would like the older kids book….thanx for the opportunity…. s cree follow you on google reader/feedly

  51. loved the series…would like the older kids book….thanx for the opportunity…. s cree follow you on facebook

  52. Thank you for hosting the series, love it!
    I learned how guest bloggers trace the patterns from the book, it’s big help to me. and I love knowing where I can get J books in US,,,though those stores are really far to me, I wish I live close to a Kinokuniya.

    Thank you!

  53. What a fantastic series, Cherie! If lucky enough to win, I’d love the Kid’s Clothes Sewing Lesson Book, but would take the other one off of your hands too…..not choosy! This series was wonderful and informative from beginning to end! THANKS for organizing it and bringing it to us virtually….

  54. Thank you so much for the series! I’ve been trying to muddle through some Japanese sewing books, and this helps a lot. I’d love to win the Kids’ Clothes Sewing Lesson Book! Thanks!

  55. oh wow, I don’t know which book I would like to have more. I suppose one for older kids is best since my youngest is almost three, but I DO have a baby coming. So either. haha.

  56. I would really love the Kid’s Clothes Sewing Lesson Book (ages 3-10). YOu couldn’t pick a better time to start this series. I have been seeing so many Japanese sewing patterns I would like to try but have been to intimidated to attempt. Thank you so much to the lessons & inspiration!

  57. I’d love to win the kids clothes sewing book! I really liked the series, and I’d love to see a regular feature of you sewing from these books.

  58. i’d love to have a copy of the book for the babies/small children, especially because i have my own little one to sew for due to arrive in two months!
    the whole series was wonderful – it’s really a great resource that i will go back to. the two things that stood out for me: the two-pencil technique for adding 1cm seam allowances, and how to make sense of the layout and pattern pieces/what all the symbols and numbers mean.
    thanks for running this great series!!

  59. Hello! I would like to participate by Kid’s Clothes Sewing Lesson Book (ages 3-10)
    I’m starting to sew and advice have helped me (despite using the google translator because I do not speak English). We make the simple skirt for my daughter and has been incredible.
    I’m also on Facebook
    Greetings, Nahir
    (from Argentina)

  60. I have enjoyed this series so much. I’ve seen Japanese Sewing books here and there in blog land, but never really thought it was for me. I had no idea what a wealth of resources they are! Definitely looking into getting a book of my own, so thank you for all the great suggestions. If I were to win I would love the book for older children. Thanks again for this series, can’t wait to get my hands on a copy and get going!

  61. well i want both books of course, but to be practical i guess i’ll choose the kids clothes over the baby clothes! 🙂 the series was spectacular, such an amazing wealth of information!

  62. I would love either… But the 0-3 would be the most helpful… Your fabrics are so cute and unique! I love what you’ve put together!

  63. Hi there, I’m a new blog follower as of this week. You roped me in with the Japanese pattern book series! I’d like to enter for the Kid’s Clothes Sewing Lesson book.I don’t know if I could pick just one thing that I learned this week; all of the posts were so informative. Thanks again to you and the guest bloggers!

  64. I am sitting here flickering through my two new books and after reading your series I am way more relaxed than I would have been without it. Now I am just itching to start making something. AND I would love to win another one (yes, I am greedy) preferable Kid’s Clothes Sewing Lesson Book. Thank you

  65. Hi Cherie, well done on a awesome first series and amazing giveaway! I would like to win the Easy to understand Baby and Kids clothes book. I love, love, love all things Japanese, and have been an admirer of Japanese sewing, but too afraid o actually give it a try. I loved Frances explanation of pattern layout and terminology, it made it really easy to follow along, and not get lost in translation!

  66. I’d love to win either one of the book. Really like the series. I’m a beginner sewer and the series gives me a lot of information.

  67. Fantastic Series! Seriously the best and most interesting I have followed! You totally piqued my interest in something I have never considered before, and made it seem do-able. Thank you! I would love to win the book for larger sizes.

  68. What a great giveaway! The two books will be good for me, because I have a little man who is four Heras old, and a princess of two y eras old.

  69. Thanks for an excellent series and now a great giveaway! I would really love Kid’s Clothes Sewing Lesson Book (ages 3-10), but I would also be happy with Easy to Understand Baby and Little Kids Clothes (ages 0-3)
    Just another point about buying Japanese pattern books online – be sure that they have ‘pattern sheets’ attached. There are also some pattern books available without pattern sheets, where you have to draw the pattern pieces yourself!
    Also, for anyone who wants to challenge themselves and sew more complicated patterns from Japanese pattern books, there are books available with childrens patterns for lined dresses, lined jackets etc – I have pinned some here – http://pinterest.com/sewmentalmama/japanese-pattern-books/

  70. Would love to win the Lesson Book. It’s the one I don’t have. Love this series and it’s been fun to read all the tips and walk-throughs. I’ve been sewing from Japanese books here and there and love them!

  71. Hi! Thank you so much for hosting this amazing series! I learned a lot from it and it gave me confidence to start sewing with japanese sewing books! It feels like I have found new sewing teachers, your sewing community is really special! There is nothing like it in the German blog szene (at least I have not found it….). I am so glad I found you via pinterest! I would love to win the Kid’s Clothes Sewing Lesson Book (ages 3-10), since I mostly sew for my best friend´s daughter who is three years old. The series is a great resource and I will come back to it for reference in the future! Thank you!

  72. This series was so great, now I just have to wait for my sewing books to arrive to get started!! I would love the Easy to Understand baby and kids clothes as the books I ordered are for older kids already. I am so excited to review the posts as I look over my books!! i learned tons..awesome info and great for someone like me who needs to know everything!! Thanks so much!

  73. Very nice series. Japanese sewing books have been on my wishlist for some time but the incredible amount of information you shared makes me confident enough to finally get me one… Or maybe I’ll win one first? It wouldn’t matter wich one.

  74. Awesome series…I have longed for something like this to give me the confidence to buy on of these books. My daughter is almost 5 so the older book (3-10 years) would be perfect for me. Thank you for hosting this great series.

  75. I would love either one! The series was really amazing. Here in Germany I haven’t heared a lot about japenese patterns so far, but I’m pretty hooked now and would love to give them a try!

  76. I would love to win Kid’s Clothes Sewing Lesson Book…can’t belive my baby is almost 3…better start preparing 🙂

  77. I only follow you thru wordpress as this ol’ great grandma of 14 with 2 more in the warming oven does little on computers but is always busy on the sewing machine….either book would be wonderful but above all, I wish to express my deep and heartfelt thanx for you and your guests leading so many of us into the beautiful simplicity of japanese patterns and sewing….I have ALWAYS loved the look and you have given a few tools that I may acquire a new skill….

  78. I would love to win the Kid’s Clothes Sewing Lesson Book. Love Japanese design and did find very interesting your series. Was good to know little details like the sewing allowance and construction tips. Thanks a lots for this give away! I’m also following you on Bloglovin.

  79. Wonderful series. I was inspired to sew along and to start a blog! I’d live the sewing lesson (larger sizes) book.
    One unanswered question: for those of us who don’t read japanese, how does one remember what the english name for the book is? I’ve only got four books but already I’ve misattributed a pattern and lead a fellow sewist astray. I just can’t bring myself to write in books….

  80. I would love either book!! I have a 4 year old and one on the way, so they would both get tons of use:) I LOVED this series…I have been dying to try out a Japanese pattern but have been way to chicken to get started. So much awesome information to get me started…feel like I need to re-read them all:)

  81. Great idea for a series. Japanese sewing books are always a bit of a mystery. I’d like the book with the larger sizes

  82. Thank you for the opportunity to acquire one of these books. I have just returned to sewing after years of being “too busy” with work challenges and extended hours. It is such a joy (along with all the apprehensions and hurdles of being a raw beginner!) …. This return to sewing co-incides with the imminent arrival of a small person in our family, so the baby/ toddler sewing book would be wonderful. It co-incides, also, with finding your wonderful blog via the ‘Miss Matatabi’ site, as well as a taking up part-time Japanese language. The baby book would be a great practical meeting of fledgling sewing and language skills to produce beautiful items that would be so cherished by a new mum, dad – and grandparents.

  83. I’d choose the book with larger sizes, but am glad to know about both! I am totally inspired to try out a Japanese pattern.

  84. I would love Easy to Understand Baby and Little Kids Clothes (ages 0-3). What have i learnt from your series – well i discovered your blog and also not to be afraid of japanese pattern books.

  85. Would love to win Kids clothes sewing book. But…..honestly would be happy with either. Love the series. Love Japanese sewing books. Thx

  86. I’d love to win the Kid’s Clothes Sewing Lesson Book. I do have quite a few Japanese sewing books and have sewn only a handful of things from them. This series definitely make me want to crack them open again and tackle a few more projects. Thanks for the great series and this giveaway!

  87. I would love either, but I’d prefer the Sewing Lesson book because of my own kids’ sizes. 🙂

    I loved this series (and have every post bookmarked) because I’ve loved Japanese designs but always felt insecure as a beginner sewer. Now I don’t feel amazing, but definitely feel confident enough to tackle some of these books. 🙂

  88. Thank you so much for this giveaway! I am so excited! Since I am a new comer in sewing world, I would just love either book. The children’s clothing are so adorable and I’d love to learn more about Japanese sewing. I followed your and youandmie’s blogs, instagrams, FBs.

  89. This has been great fun. I’ve saved all the notes to refer to later. Thank you. Both books look great, but the Sewing Lessons really catches my eye.

  90. Either! This was a great series, thanks so much for putting it together! I was pretty intimidated by the idea of sewing from these books but the resources you pulled together were very inspiring and encouraging.

  91. Wow! Both books look full of tempting beauty! Given the age of my two girls I had best saythe Kids Clothing Sewing Lesson Book. Thank you for doing this series it has been so helpful and I have pinned each day onto one of my boards to refer back to easily. I need to go back and read all the posts again as there is a lot of info to absorb!

    It has spurred me on to trace and cut out a new top and Meg’s trick of taping pencils together for seam allowance has saved me so much time. Brilliant! It did occur to me when I was tracing everything that I probably put so much unnecessary info on each pattern piece as I am never sure (at the tracing stage) what the piece actually is or how to describe it. So I write too much on there. I will have to look whether this is covered in one of the posts. What do you all label your traced pieces as?

  92. Wow! Both books look full of tempting beauty! Given the age of my two girls I had best say the Kids Clothing Sewing Lesson Book. Thank you for doing this series it has been so helpful and I have pinned each day onto one of my boards to refer back to easily. I need to go back and read all the posts again as there is a lot of info to absorb!

    It has spurred me on to trace and cut out a new top and Meg’s trick of taping pencils together for seam allowance has saved me so much time. Brilliant! It did occur to me when I was tracing everything that I probably put so much unnecessary info on each pattern piece as I am never sure (at the tracing stage) what the piece actually is or how to describe it. So I write too much on there. I will have to look whether this is covered in one of the posts. What do you all label your traced pieces as?

  93. I fell in love with Japanese sewing books ever since I moved to KL and keep getting them in my every visit to kinokuniya. I would love to win either of these books to add to my every growing collection of Japanese bookings, which makes sewing so simplified !

  94. I would love to win either. I am in love with these books and their inspiring photography and design. Gorgeous and thank you for your generous giveaway. x

  95. I’d love to win either book so that I could make something special for my baby or kindergartener on their bday. 🙂 thx

  96. This series coincided with the birth of my daughter, so I look forward to revisiting these posts when I’m a little less fist distracted. 🙂

    I own the baby clothes book already (although I haven’t attempted any of the patterns yet), so I’d like the win the “Lesson Book.”

  97. Helloooo Cherie 😉
    Wow, i really loves the series and i have a japanese pattern book (happy homemade vol2) which was sitting on the bookshelf. NOW i feel like i can do it 🙂
    And now a giveaway, that is just too much.;-)
    If i would be in so much luck as to be winning ANYTHING i would love the “Baby and little Kids clothes” book!
    Thank you so much for your inspiring work!
    Cheers from Berlin, Germany

  98. i would love to win either! i’ve been thinking of buying a japanese sewing book for a while. this series may help me make the leap

  99. This has me really excited to try a Japanese pattern- I’d never thought they were achievable until my friend gave me the heads up that your series was coming up! I have a tall 3yr old and a 12 week old, so either book would be a wonderful place to start.

  100. I would like Kids Clothing Sewing Lesson Book.
    I think that now I could try to cope with Japanese sewing books.

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  102. Hi,

    I’ve added you on facebook and follow you on your blog. I would be very interrested in the 0-3 Baby clothes book as I have a little doughter 1 1/2 and a son of 3. We have a close japanese friend who is able to translate me the books and she’s always happy to see something grow.

  103. This series has been awesome. Thank you for doing it. I’ve been wanting to sew from a Japanese pattern book for years but have been too intimated to try. I would love to win the Sewing Lessons book to help me get started 🙂

  104. I love both books, I think that both are useful, maybe the kids books will be challenger than the baby’s one, on the other hand the baby one has a really cute projects but I don’t understand that much, I’m a beginner and i hope that i can soon start some of the books projects

  105. Tanks for this awesome give away.
    I would love to ein the “Easy understanding” book – my daughter will be three in October, so it’s a little late for the other one – but it looks sooooooo cute .

  106. I totally want the “Easy to Understand Baby and Little Kids Clothes (ages 0-3)”! I have a 7 month old and this would be perfect. I was always very intimidated by Japanese sewing books, but loved the designs. But with all the great information in your series I actually feel ready to dive into it 🙂 I enjoyed every entry and all the looks where perfect. I loved, loved, loved this series. ❤

  107. I would like to enter to win “either”. My niece and nephew will be so spoiled if I win 🙂
    I have only skimmed through your series, but I think it’s quite comprehensive especially since it was just a week.
    I do really like my “stylish dress book,” but it is translated into English.

  108. I really would like to win “Easy to Understand Baby and Little Kids Clothes (ages 0-3)”, I am expecting a girl and I want to sew everything in that book! Japanese sewing books series have inspired me a lot and educated my sense of beauty! Thanks!

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  111. I would love to win either book. I loved this series, because I had seen some Japanese sewing books on Amazon but just figured they were way out of my league. But you and your guests made it seem actually doable and it got me really excited to try something new. So thanks for having the series! 🙂

  112. Wow! Thanks for the chance! I would prefer the Lesson Book (3-10), as my kids are just in that age gap!

    I am a fairly new reader (a few months) and I really like the blog. I have enjoyed these series and I have them bookmarked for future reference. I have some books I love and have bought through the years, but I have never used them! I think these series are going to help me a lot, especially with choosing and drawing my patterns. I really love Japanese Sewing Books and I am sure that I will finally start using them!

    All the best from sunny Barcelona!

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    Kids clothing sewing lesson book for me.

  114. Have really enjoyed the series, and the de-mystifying of Japanese patterns. I would love the copy of the 0-3 book. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Cheers – Dawn

  115. Hi from Korea! I would love to win either of the books! My girl is almost 20 months now. Thanks for the series and for this opportunity.

  116. I would love either book! both look great! love your blog – thanks for sharing all your creations and wonderful pictures 🙂

  117. I would love to win the Kid’s Clothes Sewing Lesson Book (I hope I’m not too late).
    I have a few Japanese sewing books for younger children, which I have loved, and would be extremely excited get some new patterns for my little girl as she grows!
    I have generally found that the patterns tend to be on the wide and short side, so I have usually had to add a little length and reduce the width of tops and dresses. I’m not sure if anyone else has found this also?

    Thanks – I have enjoyed keeping up with your blog!

  118. I follow you on Feedly.

    I loved this series. It gave me confidence that I will be able to follow a Japanese pattern. I am thinking I should stick with a garment that I have some experience sewing. Maybe a top?

    I would love to win either book.

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  123. Either book would be wonderful, you have encouraged me to get into these Japanese sewing books instead of admiring from afar 🙂

  124. Thank you for doing the series. I enjoyed the feedback on the different books as I have been reluctant to purchase some of the children’s japanese sewing books without previous feedback on the patterns. I am looking forward to purchasing Happy Homemade Vol 2 based on feedback within your series! Thank you!!
    Also follow you on fb – Thanks for the giveaway!

  125. I’d love to win the sewing lesson book as my youngest is nearly three 🙂
    I’ve just liked your Facebook page too

  126. I will throw my hat in the ring. My preference would be for the Sewing Lessons Book for the older kiddos – I already have the book for the younger babies. (Here in San Francisco we have a great Japanese bookstore with many of these types of books in Japantown) Didn’t know that translation of the title. The sweet little baby tank on the cover, with variations you showed, is very easy to make. I sewed the “basic” for my little baby girl in a tiny rainbow polka dot and came out lovely. Go for it! Not too time consuming. Best wishes.

  127. I’ve learned that Japanese patterns are not as intimidating as I thought, and I’m ready to get cracking at them! Thank you for a great series. Your guest bloggers were lovely with their tips and tricks. It was also great being exposed to more sewists.

    For the giveaway, I’d love either book.

  128. I’m a big fan of your blog via mail!! I love your clothes designs.
    My dauhgthers are one and six, and my son is three so both of the books will be perfect for us.

  129. I would love either book. I loved this series, it gave me confidence to read the different patterns and understand all of the various specifications.

  130. Thank you so much for this wonderful series! I have several Japanese pattern books but haven’t yet been brave enough to tackle sewing from them yet – this is a great help (and inspiration)! I’d love to win either book, but am especially interested in the Baby and Little Kids one. Thank you!

  131. i’d love the IKid’s Clothes Sewing Lesson book! And I’ve learned a lot in this series, I’m going to get into my japanese sewing books and make some stuff for my little girl and baby boy, I now understand quite a lot more than before this series, thanks!

  132. I would adore the Easy to Understand Baby & Little Kids Book,
    With my Sixth baby arriving in May, I am simply obsessed with hand crafting tiny little clothes
    This would be the best inspiration!
    Thank You for the entire Series, your so very generous!

  133. I would like to win Kid’s Clothes Sewing Lesson Book. I’ve always liked the look of Japanese sewing books but have been too intimidated to try them. With the help of your series I hope to attempt some.

  134. I’d love to win the baby book. I loved this whole series, and I’ve tried my first pattern already! I drew a nani iro women’s woven t-shirt pattern that I got from a Miss Matatabi pin. (Who I started following on Pinterest because of her giveaway.) One really valuable thing I picked up from this series was h

  135. Oops, hit post too soon. I subscribe to your blog, so here’s my second entry. I loved the tip of where to look for seam allowance. I would have never figured out why hems had 3’s next to them. Thanks for a fabulous series.

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