Neon Dot Skirt

Neon Dot Skirt by you & mie

Hey!  It’s Kids Clothes Week!  No long lists over here this time.  Just working on two things.  First one was to finish up this skirt I started a week or two ago.  I was going to make this springy skirt for a specific project and had the fabric cut out and everything before deciding to scrap it.  Well, not scrap the skirt entirely, but just not for that specific project.  But I couldn’t let this gorgeous fabric go to waste!  So I finished up this double layered skirt and it was a pretty quick project.

Neon Dot Skirt by you & mie

The main fabric is Nani Iro Colorful Pocho – neon on dark green, but I’m not sure that you’ll find it available anymore.  I remember snatching it up from Miss Matatabi immediately after seeing it and then, well, hoarding it for the last year and a half.  It is a soft and lightweight double gauze and as dreamy as Nani Iro double gauze always is.

The bottom layer is a chartreuse cotton voile from Michael Levine.  It’s very lightweight and a bit sheer, making it perfect for layering.

Neon Dot Skirt by you & mie

I basically used this Double Layer Simple Skirt tutorial except I added a separate waistband with two casings for elastic.  It also has pockets which is really a deal breaker these days for Yuki.

Neon Dot Skirt by you & mie

Yuki has always said she loves this fabric – she would pick it out from my shelves and ask me to make her something, but I could never figure out what to make.  I thought she would love this skirt, but she is a little unsure.  Part of me is sad that I used up this long hoarded fabric on something that she may or may not wear.  But I also feel like this neon trend (which I’ve fallen for) is not going to last forever, so I might as well go for it while it’s still hot.

What are you working on this week?



23 thoughts on “Neon Dot Skirt

  1. that fabric is gorgeous – and maybe if Yuki is crazy enough to not love the skirt you could easily upcycle it into a tote that you could use every day!

  2. CUTE NEON polka dot cotton fabric sewn with lots of motherly LOVE for a pretty skirt for Yuki! As she grows, just add another color bright fabric on the cotton voile . . . VIOLA! she can easily wear this skirt for another 2 years! THANKS for sharing. Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

  3. Well, I think it’s cute! Go you for even blogging a kcw item. Gosh I’ve not even gotten pictures uploaded to the computer. Hellllllp

  4. What an adorable little skirt! I love the Nani Iro double gauze fabrics, I’m hording some of the light soft coloured once from the Pocho line, but this is exaptionally gorgeous!

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  9. Oh No, my daughter is the same way, she tells me she likes a fabric and I make her a dress and then she doesn’t wear it, wahhhh…. so sad 😦

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