Panda Raglan Tee {tutorial}

Yes!  I did it!  I finally made something for Yuki that she really likes!

Panda Raglan Tee Tutorial by you & mie

Panda Raglan Tee Tutorial by you & mie

I have to admit, I’m pretty psyched about this project.  A couple of months ago I saw a little toddler wearing a tunic that was similar and definitely had an “I can make that!” moment.  Well the idea has been rolling around in my head since then and I just needed the time to do it.  Isn’t that what KCW is all about!?

Panda Raglan Tee Tutorial by you & mie

The theme for this Kid’s Clothes Week is “Mini Me” so I decided to make one for little sister as well.  Yuki loved that she and Kaya had matching shirts!  Unfortunately, Kaya wasn’t really feeling the photo shoot.  But I have a feeling she really loves the shirt too 😛

Panda Raglan Tee Tutorial by you & mie

Yuki says, “Can you see my panda ears?”  The 3D ears are definitely the most fun feature of these shirts.  And though these are pandas, you can really make this shirt into almost any animal!  Want to make one for your favorite animal lover?  I made a tutorial!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  •  a raglan t-shirt pattern (I used the Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan T-shirt Pattern, but you can use any, or draft your own)
  • knit fabric (refer to your pattern for amounts) and coordinating thread
  • scraps of fabric for the ears (knit or woven)
  • freezer paper
  • precision knife/scissors
  • iron
  • fabric paint and brush (be sure to read all the directions on your fabric paint before you begin your project)

To get started, cut out all your shirt pieces as your pattern directs (shirt front, back, two sleeves and a neckband).  Lay out the front shirt piece and place your freezer paper on top, shiny side down.  Sketch your animal face.

Panda Raglan Tee Tutorial by you & mie

Make a pattern piece for the ears.  We will add a small pleat to the ear, so add a little width to the base and also 1/4 around for seam allowance.

Panda Raglan Tee Tutorial by you & mie

Carefully cut out your stencil, making sure to keep any small pieces you need to place on the inside of your stencil, like the eyes.

Panda Raglan Tee Tutorial by you & mie

Place your stencil where you want on the shirt (shiny side down) and iron it on using a high heat setting.  Be sure to press well especially around the edges of the design.

Panda Raglan Tee Tutorial by you & mie

Put your fabric on cardboard or paper, in case the paint seeps through.  Apply the fabric paint in a thin and even coat.  Try not to paint towards the edges of the stencil to avoid sweeping paint under the stencil.  Wait till the paint is mostly dry (30 minutes) and apply another thin and even coat.

Panda Raglan Tee Tutorial by you & mie

Allow the paint to dry completely before peeling off the stencil.

Panda Raglan Tee Tutorial by you & mie

What a fun (and slightly nerve wracking) moment 🙂

Now for the sewing part.  Cut out 4 ear pieces.

Panda Raglan Tee Tutorial by you & mie

Place two ear pieces right sides together and pin.  Repeat for other pair.

Panda Raglan Tee Tutorial by you & mie

Sew along the curved edges with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Leave the bottom open.  Trim the curved edge to 1/8 inch.

Panda Raglan Tee Tutorial by you & mie

Turn right side out and press.  Add a small pleat to the center of the ear (the two ears should have pleats going the opposite direction).  Pin and sew pleat in place.

Panda Raglan Tee Tutorial by you & mie

Trim the bottom edge so it is straight again.

Panda Raglan Tee Tutorial by you & mie

Figure out where you want your ear on the shirt front and align the raw edges, right sides together.  Pin and baste the ear in place 1/8 inch from the edge).

Panda Raglan Tee Tutorial by you & mie

Panda Raglan Tee Tutorial by you & mie

Now we will attach the sleeve to the shirt front.  Align the raw edges of the shirt front and the sleeve front, right sides together.  The ear should be sandwiched in between.  Pin and sew according to the pattern directions.

Panda Raglan Tee Tutorial by you & mie

Finish edge if desired.  Press the seam allowance towards the shirt and the ear pointing “up” towards the sleeve.  On the right side of the shirt, top stitch the ear to the sleeve close to the seam.

Panda Raglan Tee Tutorial by you & mie

Repeat on the other side with the second ear.

Panda Raglan Tee Tutorial by you & mie

Now finish the shirt as directed in your pattern and voila!  An awesome panda shirt for your little one!

Panda Raglan Tee Tutorial by you & mie

Trust me, I reeeeeally think they’ll like it!

Now I’d seriously love to see what other animals you guys can make into shirts!!  If you use this tutorial to make a fun animal shirt, please let me know!  You can add a picture to the you & mie flickr group or just leave me a comment or email me.  I imagine a whole zoo of fun animal shirts 🙂

It was so great to just make something fun, not for a specific project.  Thanks for the motivation Kid’s Clothes Week!  Hope you’ve been able to make something fun too!


43 thoughts on “Panda Raglan Tee {tutorial}

  1. BRAVO! You did it! You sewed 2 Panda shirts . . . being successful in your “I CAN DO THAT” thought when you saw a similar shirt. What a FAB “Mini ME” for Kids Clothes Week. Both Yuki & Kaya are happy. Thanks for sharing your detailed tutorial. You’ll INSPIRE many many moms to sew these shirts for their toddlers, too. Sarah Helene, Minneapolis

  2. Mie, these panda shirts are the most adorable thing I’ve seen in a long time! And so simple to make! Love that photo of the girls sitting side by side. My daughter would say they are “twinsies”!

  3. Seriously cute!! You’re right, I think any kid would love one of these done in their favorite animal. I’ll have to get my act together for next KCW and come back to this 🙂

  4. Yay! Thanks everyone! It was definitely an exciting moment for them to come out exactly the way I had pictured in my head (doesn’t always happen, ya know?) AND for Yuki to be so excited about them. Hope you guys make some too!!

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