A Little Lavender Geranium

Just a quick post today of a dress I made for Kaya a couple of weeks ago.  Remember when we had some family pictures and the girls needed something to wear in purple/gray?  Well Yuki got her Skater Dress, but Kaya needed something too.  I didn’t want her to show up in onesie or something when I knew everyone else was going to look nice.  But it was the night before pictures and I still had to make Yuki’s dress, so I tried and tried and tried NOT to sew up something new for Kaya, especially since she’s a baby and does not need a new dress.  But in the end, I couldn’t NOT do it!  You guys understand, right?


So I made her a Geranium.  The perfect pattern for a quick and cute dress.  This is my fifth Geranium!  I know this pattern.  I trust it.  It never fails me.

Anyone recognize the skirt fabric??


Well, if you said it’s from the first Geranium I ever made, the Geranium in Eyelet, you’d be right!  And you’d have an impressive memory!  🙂  I had a piece that was just the perfect size leftover from that first dress.  And that was back when I tested this pattern over a year ago!  The fabric is a dusty purple color, though it looks gray in all of these pictures 😦


The bodice fabric and skirt lining is Dear Stella’s Polka Dot in Gray from their Mercer Line.  I love the new Mercer Line and I’ve got some fabric just begging to be sewn up soon!!  I just can’t seem to decide what it wants to be yet . . .


The pattern calls for buttons in the back, but since I was running short on time/feeling lazy/making this for a baby who spends so much time on her back, I decided to go with velcro instead.  May not look as nice, but it’s sooo easy to put on and I imagine, more comfy for baby too!


So that’s it.  Another dress for Kaya.  She was able to wear it to a bridal shower recently and hopefully it’ll fit for another month or two.  And then maybe I can pass it on to another baby, so it doesn’t go to waste.  I don’t think I need to go into details about how great this pattern is – you already know I love it right?  If you want to see the others I’ve made, here are #1, #2, #3 and #4.


I’m trying to clear out some of my fabric stash and I have a small cut of this eyelet fabric that I’m thinking about selling as part of a destash sale.  I haven’t worked out the details (how, when, where) yet, but I’ll be sure to fill you in if you’re interested in helping me get rid of some of my fabric.  I’ll probably do a giveaway too.  So stay tuned!

Can you believe it’s February already!?

Geranium in Eyelet

Another Made by Rae pattern is heeeeere!  I cannot tell you how much I love all of the patterns by Rae that I’ve tried so far and this new one is no exception.  It’s called the Geranium Dress and it is an adorable dress pattern for sizes 0-3 mo. to 5T.  I feel like this is a really amazing must-have dress pattern for your collection.


I was lucky enough to be able to test this pattern and decided to use this grayish-lilac eyelet that I’ve had in my stash for awhile from Fabrix (I got it for cheap!).  I lined it with a plum fabric and I love love looove the way it came out!


My favorite part is all the variations that are included in the pattern so you can construct the perfect dress or tunic for your little one.  You can get a little look here at all the options.

There are 3 sleeve options, 3 neckline options, 2 skirt options, 2 length options, and an optional patch pocket.  With this one pattern you can make a million variations!

For my first Geranium, I chose a notched neckline with flutter sleeves, a gathered skirt and in dress length.  It’s my favorite combo right now, but a mini-Washi dress is hard to resist too!



The pattern is of extremely high quality, which is what I’ve come to love about and expect from Rae.  It’s well written with great diagrams and photos and extremely helpful hints.  The dress is a pretty fast and simple sew, and yet it yields gorgeous results, which in my opinion, is really the best kind of pattern.

Geranium3Sewing with eyelet was a fun new challenge for me.  It really wasn’t too difficult at all, but of course, required a few extra steps.  For one, you’ll need more lining fabric than what the pattern calls for since you’ll have to line the entire skirt and I also double lined the bodice.  After cutting out a lining piece for every eyelet piece, I basted them together along the edges and then sewed as directed.  Because of all the stitching on the eyelet material, plus the lining fabric, it can get a bit thick in places, so just be aware of that and take it slow.  One thing I had to do differently was instead of double folding for the hem and skirt seam, I just finished the edges with my serger and sewed it down.  In the end, it was probably easier 🙂


If you’re not yet convinced that you need this pattern, go check out the Geranium Dress Flickr Pool or all the tester versions in this post.  Then head over HERE to buy the pattern.  And hey, you still have 24 hours to whip up that last minute holiday dress, right?!  😉

Speaking of which – are you all done with your holiday sewing?  I’ve gotten a few things checked off my list, but still have a few left to go, some of which will be sewn after Christmas!  Better late than never, right?

Well, I may pop in over the next 2 weeks, buuuuut I might not. 🙂   So until next time, please take care, stay safe and enjoy a beautiful and wonderful holiday season with those you love!

Happy Holidays everyone!