Let’s Have A Party Skirt

Hey!  It’s Kids Clothes Week!  It’s been awhile since I’ve fully jumped into Kids Clothes Week, but I was feeling motivated to make some new duds for the 4 year old.  I had completely stopped making clothes for her at some point because she was rejecting all the stuff that I was making.  But now she’s really into dresses, skirts and tank tops and all those things that I made 1-2 years ago!  Lately, she’s been grabbing this skirt a lot (which makes me super happy), so I thought I should add another to the closet.

Let's Have a Party Skirt by you & mie

The pattern is the Oliver + S Swingset Skirt.  I actually came across the pattern while browsing Probably Actually for some inspiration and I saw this sweet tank top that I knew Yuki would love.  The pattern comes as a set, the skirt and the top and I love both pieces, plus Oliver + S patterns are always amazing, so I knew it would be worth buying!

Let's Have a Party Skirt by you & mie


The skirt is actually meant to have a lining that is not visible, but I decided to make a double layer skirt with the lining showing instead.  I just switched the pattern pieces to cut the lining length for the main fabric and vice versa.  I had to change things around when I sewed the two layers together so the side seam and hemming wouldn’t show from the outside, but besides that, it was a simple modification.

Let's Have a Party Skirt by you & mie

The skirt comes together quickly which is why I tackled this project before the Swingset Tunic which is also on my to do list this week, I was trying to ease into it with something simple.  I made size 3 for Yuki based on her measurements and I think the fit is perfect, plus it’s got an elastic waist, so it’s pretty flexible.  She loves it and already tried to wear it two days in a row, so that’s great.  It’s the pink bow that’s got her hooked.

Let's Have a Party Skirt by you & mie

The fabric is from Avril Loreti’s Let’s Have a Party collection for Cloud9 called Escapade.  It’s voile, very lightweight and a little see through which made it perfect for this lined pattern.  Love the fun prints from this line!  And I love Cloud9 organic fabrics too.  They generously sent this to me when I joined the Small World Fabric Tour.  The lining fabric is some quilting cotton from my stash (from Jo-ann).

I’m trying to keep the blogging brief since I have so many projects I want to get to!  I’ve already got my second KCW make finished, but I’m not sure when I’ll get to blogging that.  The sewing part is so much more fun!  😛

Are you participating in KCW?  What are you working on this week?


16 thoughts on “Let’s Have A Party Skirt

  1. wow look at you, gettin’ all bloggy lately! adooooorable skirt! i made a skirt for Em last night and def considered the swingset, but in the end just went with the ol’ gathered rectangle. love this fabric and love the longer lining…might have to copy.

  2. ahh! love the skirt. not having a permanent sewing setup is seriously hindering my productivity – I have so many projects and fabric and no motivation to get anything started! Need to get out of this funk!

  3. Love the longer lining, it’s a nice flourish to a simple skirt. I have this fabric in my Fancy Tiger shopping cart as we speak. Love it, but was wondering if it was see through.

  4. This is a lovely skirt – I really like the two layers done in reverse like that. I bought some of the CLoud 9 Small World fabrics and think I might be addicted ot Cloud 9 now – they’re such gorgeous fabrics! I’ve got 3 more Recess Raglan tees in varying states of completedness to finish off this KCW, and hopefully a shirt too!

  5. I love the skirt! It looks really cute with the lining layer peeking out the bottom. 🙂
    I’m doing KCW in theory, but I only have two things started and nothing finished. I’m hoping I have some time to finish things up this weekend!

  6. also this – so cute! i chose something from this line for my cloud9 thank you, and i think tara did too! it’s all so beautiful. i hope yuki loves this skirt, they are so fun to make and look good in everything…a gal can never have too many. can’t wait to see your swingset tunic! i need to make another one of those….

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