Oliver + S Playtime Tunic and Leggings

Long time no see!  I can’t believe how much time I’ve been letting slip by between blog posts, but this end of the pregnancy/back-to-school/preparing for maternity leave thing has been kicking my butt!!  I’m finally on leave from work and I’m officially 2 days away from my due date!  Exciting times!!!


But I’m here today to share an fun new Oliver + S pattern that was just released for the fall.  There are three new patterns and this one is called the Playtime Dress, Tunic and Leggings Pattern and it’s available as both a paper and PDF pattern in sizes 6M-4 and 5-12.


This pattern can be made with woven or knit fabric, which makes it versatile.  I chose to make it in knit because that’s pretty much all Yuki will wear these days.  Both pieces are super comfy and Yuki loved playing in these all day, so I’m happy!


It’s not the most exciting or colorful choice of fabrics, but I wanted to make something practical and I already had this striped knit in my stash.  It’s a pretty thin, and super soft and stretchy fabric.  Which makes it really comfy, but a bit of a pain to sew.  Add the fact that I chose stripes and it was a downright nightmare at times.  Sewing with striped knits always seems like such a great idea – until you realize it isn’t.  I had a helluva time lining up those stripes and still did not do a great job.  But then striped knits just look so good as clothing, it’s hard to resist, isn’t it?


The back calls for a button or snap closure.  I chose these gold buttons and was a little nervous about how the thin knit would hold up with the button holes.  But between the two layers of fabric plus the interfacing, it did quite well.  One of the things that I love about knit is its stretchiness (obviously), so if I were to make this top again in a knit, I might adjust the back bodice to one piece to avoid having to make a closure at all.


The leggings pattern is so simple and so awesome.  I wish I had tried sewing my own leggings before.  Now that I know how easy and quick they are to make, it seems silly to buy them.  I bought this fabric at Joann’s and it’s got these cute metallic gold polka dots.  They are actually pretty subtle and only really shine depending on the angle of the light.  But they are fun and fit Yuki well, and did I mention, they are comfy?


If you take a look at the photos on the O+S site, you’ll see that there is stitching along the facing and pockets which you can do in a contrasting thread for accent.  At first I thought I’d just eliminate the top stitching altogether, but then I realized that the facing would flip up and probably bug Yuki (and me), so I sewed it with black thread and it’s very subtle.  I also realized that with the flimsy knit that I used, the pockets hung down below the hem of the tunic, so I stitched the pockets down as well.  Now everything is stitched down and secure!  The contrasting stitching will be a fun variation to play with in the future.


Oliver + S patterns are always well written and easy to follow.  I love knowing that I’m doing things the “right way” when I’m following their directions.  This pattern is no different and I’m excited to have a cozy little outfit for Yuki to wear this fall and winter.  If you’re interested in purchasing this pattern, head over to the O+S online pattern shop!

And if you want to see a totally different version of this same pattern, go check out Jessica of A Little Gray’s dress version!  It’s adorable and hot PINK!

Later this week, Gail, Kristin, Jessica and I will be back with more of the new Oliver + S fall patterns, so stay tuned!!

*The Playtime Dress, Tunic and Leggings Pattern was generously given to me for this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.*

My Little Flower Girl

FlowerGirlThis past weekend my sister got married and if you follow me on Instagram (@youandmie), you’ve probably seen some sneak peeks of the fun and beautiful weekend.  The entire week before the wedding was pretty much devoted to wedding prep – I had wedding projects piled up all over the place.  Menus, table numbers, escort cards, signs, and of course, the flower girl dress.  But it all got done and everything went so smoothly – I really don’t think it could have been any more perfect.  The lovely bride and groom put together a really amazing wedding weekend and was surrounded by all of the people who love and support them – it was a really awesome thing to see.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures, so I can’t show you all of the little projects that I worked on, but as I collect pictures from friends and family members, and of course, the professional photographer, I may be sharing some of those with you.  My only big sewing project for the wedding was Yuki’s flower girl dress.  Since I didn’t get any pictures of her during the wedding, I made her put the dress back on yesterday and quickly snapped some new ones.  Amazingly enough – she really likes the dress!  She wore it for 9 hours straight on Saturday and never once complained or asked to take it off!  And the truth is, I like it too!

FlowerGirl1The pattern is the Oliver + S Fairy Tale Dress.  The dress is simple in it’s design (which is great for special occasions or for adding embellishments), though it is not necessarily a simple dress to construct, BUT the result is pretty stunning!  The pattern comes with two views: sleeveless and sleeved, with two different kinds of collars, an optional sash or waist tie.  For my version, I made it sleeveless, but omitted the collar and added a ribbon sash instead of the one included in the pattern.  I did, however add a lace overlay and my fabric choices, though they ended up looking exactly how I envisioned, made construction a bit tricky.

FlowerGirl2I made the dress in size 2T and it fits Yuki perfectly.  The bodice (for sizes 2T and up) have darts in both the front and back, which make for that perfect fit and professional look.  It has an invisible zipper in the back and is fully lined.  It also has an optional layer of tulle for skirt volume.  As you can imagine, there are a lot of steps to constructing this dress and I did quite a bit of hand sewing to give it a truly professional finish.  It takes time, but really, I think it was worth it!

FlowerGirl6All the materials besides the lace, I bought at Britex Fabrics.  I decided splurge on something high quality for this special occasion dress.  The main fabric is a synthetic satin in eggshell and is pretty thick.  I think this also made construction a bit trickier in places (the pattern calls for light to mid-weight fabrics) but I really love how well the fabric holds it shape because of the heavier weight.  I used a polyester lining that was a pain in the butt to work with – it was soooo thin and slippery and shifty.  Probably the right choice for this project, but still no fun to work with.  The ribbon is a double sided satin ribbon that was chosen to match the color scheme/bridesmaids dresses.  The lace was a last minute decision and I picked that up at my local Joann’s.

FlowerGirl3The flowers in these pics are not her actual bouquet from the wedding, but rather those from a table at the wedding.  The flowers for the wedding were done by my sister’s friend, Jaclyn K. Nesbitt Designs, and they were all soooo gorgeous!  I wrapped these up in some ribbon so Yuki could have another bouquet.  I think the flowers were the most exciting part of the flower girl job for Yuki!

FlowerGirl5And she was such a trooper the entire wedding.  She didn’t have any meltdowns, she kept her dress on (and UNSTAINED) the entire time and escorted me down the aisle during the ceremony.  She had to leave the ceremony towards the end because she was starting to get bored and when she watched the wedding party walk back down the aisle at the end she started getting really upset saying she “didn’t get married” because she was “too loud.”  Omigosh, it was too cute.  She thinks that all of us who walked back down the aisle got married and she didn’t get to because she was making too much noise.  Poor sweet thing.

FlowerGirl4Anyways, this dress was definitely a labor of love and I don’t even know if she’ll ever wear it again, but I think it was worth it.  She was the cutest flower girl I’VE ever seen and I think she felt pretty darn special.  I think I will use this pattern again, though in more casual and lighter weight fabrics.  I’d definitely recommend this pattern for a special occasion dress!  Like all Oliver + S patterns, it is a high quality pattern with clear instructions and great diagrams.  You know the techniques are legit and you always end up with a professional looking garment.  I feel like I give this same shpeal every time I talk about O+S patterns, but it’s always true – you really can’t go wrong with them!

So it’s been pretty busy around here and just when you think things might settle down, KIDS CLOTHING WEEK rolls around!  🙂  Can you believe it’s already next week?  I honestly haven’t given much thought about what I’ll be making and I probably won’t be quite as involved as I have been the last 2 rounds, but I am looking forward to getting some good ol’ kids clothes sewn.  If you don’t know what KCW is, check out all the important info here and know that it is a TON of fun.  And it’s not too late to get in on the action!  Coming up later this week, I’ll be posting on the KCW blog about one of my favorite patterns, so be sure to check that out 🙂

Oliver + S Spring Pattern Preview: Pinwheel Dress + Tunic

Pinwheel1Last week I got to share my version of the new Oliver + S Roller Skate Dress + Tunic.  This week, Kristin, Jessica and I are sharing the Pinwheel Dress + Tunic (both patterns are available for sale on the Oliver + S site now)!

This is the 2nd of two new patterns being released by Oliver + S this spring.  This pattern comes with two pieces, a tunic and a slip dress, meant to be layered or worn separately.   Jessica blogged her awesome combo of the two pieces yesterday.  And Kristin made a cute summery sleeveless tunic for her little one.  I went with the simple slip dress with no modifications.

Pinwheel2The slip dress is a pretty fast and easy sew.  The way it is constructed with straps sewn in between the dress and the facing is pretty brilliant – I love learning new things like that!  The hardest part for me was attaching the flounce to the dress, but just follow the directions, take your time, and snip the curve a TON (this will all make sense when you’re sewing it 🙂 ).

Pinwheel3To take my Pinwheel in a different direction from the other girls’ versions, I made a sweet and simple linen version in ivory.

Pinwheel4For the bias tape, I used this gorgeous Nani Iro double gauze Little Letter bias that I bought from my favorite Nani Iro supplier, Miss Matatabi.  I had been saving it for the perfect project and I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity to compliment the clean linen with this sweet floral trim.

Pinwheel7I made the dress in size 2T and it’s a tad bit roomy on her.  It would probably look better if I had gone a size down, but I’m positive this will fit her for a looong time!

When I first saw the pattern, I could definitely see the appeal, but it wasn’t necessarily my style.  I’m so glad that I had this opportunity to sew it up though because I ended up really enjoying both picking out the perfect fabrics to make the garment “me” and the whole sewing process.


When this picture was taken I had just asked Yuki what she thought of the dress and she looked down and said, “It’s beeautiful!”  Hee hee.

Pinwheel6This pattern is now available in paper format and PDF so head over to the Oliver + S site to get your copy now.

Oliver + S Spring Pattern Preview: Roller Skate Dress

*UPDATE – The Roller Skate Dress + Tunic pattern is now available on the Oliver + S site!  It is available as a paper pattern or PDF pattern.  Head over there to get your copy!*

So I haven’t been blogging much recently, but I’ve been busy with some really exciting projects that I’ll be announcing within the next few weeks (including my first blog series)!

The first of those projects was the opportunity to share with you a new Oliver + S spring pattern that has yet to be released!  If you sew kid’s clothes, you’ve surely heard of Oliver + S patterns.  And if you’ve heard of them, I’m sure you’re a big fan AND know that they are releasing two new patterns within the next week!  So when Liesl (the creative mastermind behind Oliver + S) asked Kristin to sew up the new patterns to share with readers and customers and Kristin asked me and Jessica if WE wanted to sew them with her – I’m pretty sure I shrieked.  You would too, wouldn’t you??

roller skate dress + tunic rolling tourAnd so I present to you, the last stop on the Oliver + S Roller Skate Dress + Tunic Rolling Tour!  The Roller Skate Dress + Tunic is one of 2 new patterns being released for the spring line.  It is a simple and adorable addition to any spring wardrobe and is a pattern I can imagine sewing up over and over again in different variations.  The pattern comes with 4 views or styles.  View A is a dress and you can see Kristin’s sweet floral version here.  View B is a dress with a visible yoke and I think this version that Liesl made is particularly cute.  Jessica made a reversible version of View C, which is a tunic (totally loving the gorgeous tribal print she used).

And I made View D, a tunic with the visible yoke in contrasting fabric!


This pattern is really a simple and fast sew, but produces a stylish and professional looking top or dress, which is my favorite kind of pattern!  It’s fully lined, has faux cap sleeves and an elastic waistband for shape and comfort.

RollerSkate4It closes in the back with a simple button and button loop (no zippers or button holes!), so that makes this pattern appropriate for beginners.

I love the optional visible yoke – it adds a nice finishing touch.  My V notch on the neckline got a little deep because the first time I sewed it, it was crooked, so I had to make it bigger to even it out.  My advice if you do the notched neckline is to really take your time with it.  If it’s off even by a little, it’ll be very noticeable!

RollerSkate1I made it in 2T and it fits my daughter perfectly.  I was a little confused by the chest measurement listed for the finished garment because it seemed way too big, but I realized that that’s the measurement before you add the elastic.  So just go with the body measurements table (or whatever size you normally sew with O+S patterns) and you’ll be good!  This style is very forgiving in fit.

This pattern delivers all the wonderful things you’ve come to expect from an Oliver + S pattern.  It’s professional and beautiful, with great diagrams and directions.  There is so much useful sewing information in each pattern that you always come away feeling like you’ve taken a class or learned at least one new sewing technique.

RollerSkate3I used this really cool fabric by Tula Pink called Sea Stripes from the Sea Water line.  I picked it up from one of my favorite Bay Area fabric stores, Stonemountain and Daughter.  I was drawn to the creative print and bought a bunch, not knowing what I was going to do with it.  I really love it with this simple pattern though!

And seriously, this pattern has so many possibilities.  When trying to decide what fabric to use, I picked out a huge stack from my own stash that I thought would look great as a Roller Skate tunic.  The hard part was choosing which one to go with.  But the good news is you really will sew this pattern over and over again – it’s just a great staple to have in your collection.

In other news, Yuki has started to explore new modeling poses.  In this one, I’m pretty sure she’s channeling Em’s dancing spirit.

RollerSkate5(I did not prompt her to do this – she just started doing it on her own!)

And I don’t even know what this pose is about, but hey – I’ll take it!

RollerSkate6So there it is, the Roller Skate Tunic (View D).  The pattern will be available through the Oliver + S website starting tomorrow.  I bet you already have something perfect for this little dress or top already in your stash, so you’ll be able to get started right away!

If you haven’t already, stop by skirt as top and a little gray to see their awesome versions of this pattern!

Thank you, Liesl and Kristin, for letting me sew this incredible new pattern to share with everyone!

Next up, is the Pinwheel Tunic + Slip Dress!

Sleeveless Jump Rope Remix

I recently posted about this refashion/remix of the Jump Rope Dress (a pattern by Oliver + S).  Well I loved it so much that I made another one!

Yuki wore this shirt in my post for Vintage May yesterday too.

I made a few changes since the last one and I like it even better!  Except I’m still quite attached to the fabric from the first one.  But the fabric for this one was inspired by the Vintage May series going on over at Skirt as Top and Craftiness is not Optional. It was originally from my mom’s stash and she’s not even sure where she got it from – she said it might be from my grandmother’s stash!  Vintage for sure, either way.

So you’ll need to start out with the Oliver + S pattern for the Jump Rope Dress.  The pattern comes with two views, both super cute dresses.  I made View A recently and it was my first Oliver + S pattern.  Their patterns are great because you learn some really solid basics like in this case, how to make a button placket and a collar.  When I was putting the dress together, I noticed how cute it was without any sleeves.  So here’s an easy way to remix the pattern to make the perfect summer top.

You’ll need the pattern pieces for the collar, placket (2 pieces), and View B dress pieces, front and back.  Before your cut your fabric, we’re going to make some changes to the pattern.  We’re first going to adjust the armhole.  I took off about an inch from the shoulder.

Then we’re going to shorten it from a dress to a shirt (though this would make a mighty fine sleeveless dress too).  Make a new line about 1/2 an inch below your desired shirt length.  I used the bottom of the pattern to make a similar curve to the original.

Now you’re ready to cut out your pieces.  1 dress front, 1 dress back, the 2 placket pieces, and 2 collars.  You’re also going to need a rectangle for a pocket (mine was about 3.5 x 6 inches for a size 2T top) and 2 strips cut on the bias for finishing the armholes.

To prepare your pocket, fold the two sides and bottom in and press.

Fold the top down twice, press and top stitch.

Follow the Oliver + S directions for creating the placket.  Then attach the pocket to the shirt front by top stitching along the sides and bottom.  It’s always a good idea to do some extra stitching at the top corners for extra reinforcement.

Follow the pattern directions to sew the shirt front and back together at the shoulder and make and attach the collar.  With the shirt inside out (right sides together), sew up the sides of the shirt.

Prepare your bias tape by folding it in half lengthwise and ironing it.  Fold the two edges in to meet the center fold and press, creating fourths.

So I totally forgot to take pictures of the of the armhole finishing steps, but there are a ton of great tutorials out there, like this one.

Now just hem the button of the shirt, make some buttonholes and sew on your buttons and you’re done!!

It’s the perfect summer top!  I really like the A line shape of this top compared to the first one.  The only thing that I regret is that in an attempt to make the process faster I skipped the interfacing in the collar and placket.  I would NOT recommend it.  The collar is all limp and wimpy and the placket would look sharper with interfacing.  I learned my lesson.

I love having this basic pattern that I can remix in countless different ways.  Maybe a sleeveless dress?  Or a short sleeve shirt.  Or I can mix and match lots of different kinds of sleeves.  Or I can make it for a boy.  Ooh, or add a knit waistband!?

Oh dear.  I’m getting carried away, aren’t I?  Anyways, I hope you have fun remixing your Jump Rope Dress pattern!  And have a great loooooooooong weekend!

Vintage Inspired Plaid Summer Tank

I barely had any time to work on a signature look for Project Run & Play this week, but I wanted to submit something.  So I made this top that was inspired by the Vintage May series that Skirt as Top and Craftiness is not Optional is hosting.  I’m not sure what decade this is from, but it reminds me of something my mom wore, so my guess is 60s or 70s?  Maybe even 50s?  What do you think? (I don’t know my fashion eras at all!)

It is a refashion from this pretty hideous blazer thing I picked up at the thrift store.  I’m not sure what was going on with the blazer (it had three huge pockets on the front and shoulder pads too!), but I loved the purple plaid fabric.

Do you recognize the pattern?  It’s a remix of the Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress pattern! When I was making Yuki’s Jump Rope Dress, I noticed after the first few steps that without sleeves or a skirt, it made a pretty cute top!  So that’s pretty much what I did.

First I had to pick the pockets off the jacket and then cut out the front pieces, back piece and sleeves.  I didn’t have two pieces large enough for the front and back of the shirt, so the back of the tank top is actually pieced together (you can see the seam running down the middle in the next picture).

I cut the 2T size pattern, lengthening the shirt and followed the directions exactly for the placket and collar.  I shortened the shoulder length (though I could have gone even shorter) and cut the arm hole a little larger.  I used homemade bias tape to finish the arm holes and hemmed the shirt so it’s curved up on the sides.  I added a little pocket on the chest made from one of the original pockets that I had picked off.

I love it!

So for my “signature look,” I paired this shirt with the chambray shorts I made during KCWC.

I thought the outfit was a little simple and so I wanted to make an accessory to “dress it up” a little.  It looked good in my head . . .

I whipped up a little felt flower belt, which I really like.  Just not with this outfit.

But I’m sure you’ll be seeing it around again.  Juuuust not with this outfit.

So that’s it!  Simple.  Summery.  Vintagey.  All the things I’m feeling right now.

Is it just me or did that season of PR&P just fly by!?


Yay, it’s done!  My “movie inspired” outfit is finally done – better late than never, right?  When Project Run & Play announced the challenges for this season and one of them was “Going to the Movies” it didn’t take me very long to decide what I wanted to do.  I mean, the options are ENDLESS, but I wanted to stick with something simple and make her an outfit I thought she’d be able to wear regularly.  And since the Totoro costume I made for Yuki last Halloween was such a huge hit, I knew something from the same movie would be appreciated.  So that’s how I decided to recreate Mei’s outfit from the movie “となりのトトロ” or “My Neighbor Totoro.”  It’s a Japanese animated classic by Hayao Miyazaki and I’m obsessed with all of his movies.  So uhh, if you haven’t seen this movie, I think you should just go see it right now.

ANYWAYS, Mei is a 4 year old and the character is such a perfect match for Yuki’s personality!  Even though Yuki’s not even 2 yet, she’s got a lot of Mei’s fun, rough-and-tumble, stubborn personality and even how Mei tries so hard to keep up with her older sister.  Yuki loves playing with other kids too, even though she’s such a little runt compared to them.  I’m not going to give you a whole synopsis of the movie, you can look it up or watch a trailer, or better yet, just go watch the film if you haven’t seen it already.

So here are some screen shots from the movie:

And our little Mei-chan:

One of the most memorable scenes is when Mei is playing by herself in the yard and she spots a little peculiar creature running through the grass.  She tries to follow the chibi Totoro, and it tries to run away.  We had fun recreating that scene during our photo shoot (and I had a little fun with photo editing too :)).

Got him!!

So I made three pieces for this outfit.  The blouse and the shorts are from the Oliver + S pattern, Puppet Show Tunic and Shorts.  I don’t have a lot of experience making buttoned collared shirts, so I thought using a pattern would be a good way to learn.

The thing about a good Oliver + S pattern is that it is pretty tedious and takes a lot of time.  This, of course, results in a really high quality piece of clothing, but one of the things I love about making kids clothing is how quickly you can whip something up.  That’s just me being impatient though.  It’s really good that I’m learning how to do things the “right” way.  I made the shirt in 2T size which is HUGE on Yuki, but that means she’ll be able to wear it for a long time.  I used an embroidered white fabric just to make it a bit more interesting and added a button in the front just to make it look like the one in the movie.  I’ll probably take it off since it serves no purpose.

The shorts are so cute!  These came together very quickly and I want to make a few more of these for sure.  I made them white to match Mei’s bloomers, but I’m not sure it was a very practical move.  They make for some adorable summer shorts though!

The red jumper is a simple lined bodice that I adjusted from the Every Little Thing Tunic (recognize the lining fabric?) and a circle skirt.  I added some fun yellow flower buttons on the back.  This piece came together the fastest!

I also made the little white chibi Totoro right before our photo shoot out of some scraps of white fleece (from the original Totoro costume!) and tied little pom poms to her hair rubber bands to match Mei’s.

This blue Totoro is a stuffed animal – I didn’t make it.

Did you spot the creeper Totoro!?

And speaking of creepers, check out this paparazzi sneaking up on an unsuspecting girl.

Phew, that was a lot of photos!  Now that I’ve made a Totoro costume and a Mei outfit, all that’s really left for me to make is the Cat bus!  Haha, NOT!

KCWC S12: Day 6 – Jump Rope Dress!

It’s finally done!  I finished the Jump Rope Dress for Yuki and I love it!

This was my first Oliver + S pattern and it was a great experience.  I can see why their patterns are so popular!  The directions were extremely clear, the pattern was precise and the techniques are legit, so you end up with a great looking, high quality piece of clothing.

I worked on the dress in steps on 4 separate days (over 6 days).  The collar and the placket were definitely the most difficult and time consuming, but once those were done, the rest came together very quickly.

The only changes that I made to the pattern was shortening the belt loops like Gail did by 1/2 inch (on each belt loop) and I also hemmed the skirt much shorter than you’re told to. Yuki is such a shorty and the skirt would have been down to her ankles!  I kept all the fabric though, in case she grows up and not out and I want to lengthen the skirt at all.

We didn’t have a very good photo day because Yuki was feeling a bit under the weather.  But I can’t wait for her to wear this dress this spring/summer.

Isn’t this fabric awesome?  It’s PR426 from the line Maya by Leah Duncan for Anthology Fabrics.

So now that I’ve made this pattern once, I assume it will be easier the next time.  Which is good because I’d love to try View B, plus I have some ideas for making collared sleeveless or short sleeved summer tops too.

It’s the last day of KCWC!!  I started working on one last project but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to finish it in time.  Even if I don’t, I’ll still be proud of all that I accomplished this week.  I think the motivation to get so much sewing done this week, really made it go by so fast!  Part of me wishes it wasn’t ending, but the other part of me (the extremely sleep deprived, mess of a person me), is definitely in need of a break.  How are you doing?  Glad it’s over?  Wish you had more time?  Get as much done as you’d hoped?

KCWC S12: Day 5 – Progress

After skipping TWO nights of working on my Jump Rope Dress, I was determined to do some serious catching up today.  And I made some good progress!

Since last time, I top stitched the collar, added the sleeves and tabs, made the skirt pockets, belt loops and attached the skirt to the bodice.

I’m almost done!!  All I have left is the sash, attaching the buttons, making buttonholes and hemming the bottom.  I’m hoping to finish it up tomorrow and then I’ve got ooooone mooooooore project I’m going to try and slide in.  Although, it’s a slightly more complicated one that I’m starting from scratch, so we’ll have to see if I can finish it before KCWC winds down.

How are your projects coming along?  You burning out or pumped for the weekend?

KCWC S12: Day 2 – Double Ruffle Top

I got more done than I expected yesterday!  I whipped up this little ruffley top before work (I work in the afternoons, by the way).

Now, if you’ve been following me for a bit, you may have noticed that ruffles are not really my style.  Not that I have anything against ruffles!   Because I think they can be pretty darn awesome and, in some cases, they can truly make an outfit (here is where I’d include a lil round up of ruffley things I like, but alas, no time).

Anyways, for whatever reason, I usually just stick to simpler lines and don’t think to embellish with ruffles.  But I had this idea to use a striped fabric and mix up the directions of the stripes to create an interesting look (I think I saw a kid run by me wearing something similar – that’s where I get a lot of my inspiration). Plus with RUFFLES 2012 going on over at See Kate Sew, I guess I was hit with a bit of ruffle-mania.

The top came out pretty fun, though I don’t know if the different angled stripes POP as much as I thought they would.  It’s pretty girly and flouncy huh?

I used the Every Little Thing pattern for the bodice because I’d used it before and I knew it’d fit.

Either way, Yuki’s got a fun new (slightly dressy?) top for the spring/summer.  The felt bow is a removable pin and was a last minute add.  I thought the shirt needed something to lighten it up and add some interest (the fabric/color is a bit serious for a toddler, no?).  I seriously just cut 2 pieces of felt, grabbed a glue gun and a pin back and threw that bow together in 2 minutes.  And without any burns!  I always seem to burn myself when I get out my glue gun . . .


Looking at the back, I bet I could put this top on her backwards with the buttons in front and it’ll still fit/look cute.  Fun!

In the evening I worked on step 2 of my Jump Rope dress: the collar.  It took FOREVER.  Mosty because I’m slow and there was hand stitching involved.  But it’s so exciting to see this coming together!  The placket and the collar were definitely the two most unfamiliar pieces to me so it feels good to have those done.  And how handy are those skills?  I want to put a placket and collar on everything now!  (well, not really – they were both pretty hard :P)

Hand stitching damn near killed me!!

Collar looks uneven, but don’t worry, it’s not 🙂

Oh, and someone asked me what fabric I’m using for the dress!  I’m always so bad about paying attention to the fabric designer and line and that seems unfair!  Their art makes ours what it is!  So this awesome fabric is PR426 from the line Maya by Leah Duncan for Anthology Fabrics and I got it on my trip to Britex with Kristen.  In fact she picked it up first and I stole it from her!  Hah!

Part of me feels like I’m moving quickly through my projects and I might even be able to add one more to the list.  But I’m also pretty tired and today’s project is a bit trickier, so we’ll see.

How are you doing?